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Updated on Monday, September 29, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION:  Does anyone know who the gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed guy with the Next bike in BIOL 309 is?? I'd love to be his study buddy...


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute blondish short guy at Phils week of August 10-17th who complemented me (the Asian) on my animal leggings. I don't know if you go to University of Waterloo but come visit me at Michigan State University! ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the total trainer babe with dark brown hair, blue eyes and glasses, if you have a girlfriend, she is one lucky girl.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the super stock up jerk on my Econ 381 who keeps disrupting the class. I don't know you, but you drive me crazy, who do you think you are going around breaking hearts? Why don't you look my way? Jackass ��


MISSED CONNECTION: To the BEAUTIFUL receptionist at the registrars office on Friday morning. Ive been in this school for 5 years, never seen such well spoken/pretty girl on campus before. I hope to see you again,

Guy who came in with a green shirt


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl from Team Carl this Saturday: you were super fun and cute especially your smile. I wanted to say " you must be from outer space because those legs are out of this world! " but had a feeling you wouldn't be amused! I had a really good time mostly because of you and hope to see you again.. Maybe see more of you next time.

One of the guys racing

Updated on Saturday, September 27, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the petite Laurier brunette oogling me from outside the ixpress while in line for the bus on Wednesday at 3 PM, I would have picked you up if the bus was not packed for me to come from the back to the front and if better looking girls were not on the bus. If your lucky you will seee again, you will never oogle eye anyone like that ever again.
-Green silk vneck


MISSED CONNECTION: You were crossing my path on a nice Trek. We gazed at each other for a second that seemed longer. You have a nice bike. Your face is alright too.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the non-bearded SuperHuge with big eyes:

I kissed you twice in a dream on Saturday.

I think you're really cute. But way, way out of my league.

I wish it hadn't been a dream.

-- 4th year chick.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the chinese guy with the black sunglasses and lenovo laptop in my afm 102 class, you're hot!

Updated on Friday, September 26, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the lovely woman who smiled at me today in the hallway in PAS - I hope to see you there again next Friday!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the short Asian girl that walked up the steps to E5. You had jean short shorts on and your bum was literally hanging out. Nice pink lace ;) You were in a rush or I would've tried to catch up with you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl in a Polk a dot dress at bomber this last Wednesday. I was impressed when you came up and "party boy'd" me after meeting your friend. Your confidence is scintilating. Until our next random encounter.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who keeps sleeping in MC couches...Why are you so tired?


MISSED CONNECTION: The sexy inked lady in Eng, I miss you and will never see you again. RIP my degree. First year raped me.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in SAF with the cat eye mask and naps in the lounge, think I can borrow it every now and then...?


MISSED CONNECTION: To Goku, this time it's me screwing with you :3 thanks for the mugs (y)

Updated on Wednesday, September 24, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the fine, fine lady with a shock of pink in her hair and the paint on her apron, ordering at the booster juice today, The fuzzy-haired guy REALLY wants your number ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: Dear partially corrupted file, can you please reveal yourself? You have really thrown a wrench in the works.


MISSED CONNECTION: To that blond guy running that giant beach ball thing near V1. I wish you had asked for my number!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy singing the lion king song Tuesday night in the UWP courts: SHUT UP!




MISSED CONNECTION: White guy in button-up shirt wearing headphones on the second floor of SLC near the campus response office, studying/doing work at a table Tuesday afternoon: I really couldn't help but steal glances at you. We caught eyes a couple times; I'm guilty as charged :$


MISSED CONNECTION: To the annoying skinny blonde girl who works for FEDS marketing: stop being so annoying.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall asian from SAF with blond hair...if I ask will you do a Kamehameha?

Updated on Monday, September 22, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl on Monday the 22nd at 8:00AM who printed off my assignment in her office, since the DC and DP printing networks were down... thank-you so much for your kindness! Such a life saver!

- The guy who printed from Dropbox :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Blonde Beauty who was at Health Services Today. If you don't have STIs I totally would like to hang.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the buff guy in BUGS, it was a long summer without seeing you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian guy at rev west ( E, i think) who held the door for me and was suprr nice when I had all those books in my hands from studying in the caf, Thank you!!! You acted like the perfect gentleman when I was having a pretty bad day.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the hispter guy who loves pop and whisky.... hope to see you at the gym again.

Updated on Sunday, September 21, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Cutie at the Pokémon booth on Friday, 
That pikachu on your shoulder's cute. Not as cute as you though!
PS did I forget to mention you're cute?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown guy in the Michigan hockey jersey that was in mollys tonight (Sat)'re really cute


MISSED CONNECTION: To the hottest guy I've seen yet at UW.. Thursday Sept 18th around noon - black 3 quarter length button up shirt, burgundy pants & flow. You stopped to talk to your friend who was in front of me in line for teriyaki... DAMN... You fine.


MISSED CONNECTION: Anyone else seen that tall brunette on campus that looks like Peter Parker?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brunette girl wearing a form-fitting white graphic tee with blue writing across, and denim shorts, sporting damp hair because it looks like you just went swimming: Dayyyyum. You're cute. These lyrics say it all for me: "I said I love you you said goodbye, everything changes in the blink of an eye. It's been a while I still carry the flame. I wanna know will I see you again?"


MISSED CONNECTION:  To the tall asian from SAF with blond hair... is it okay if I come up to you and ask if you're Goku?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the oblivious post-doc who keep on screwing it up. Our connection keeps on getting missed and I'm not longer going to bother.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with long dark hair who had lunch at the same table beside the library all this Summer: sweet.

Updated on Friday, September 19, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Hi, to the bleach, blonde with brown eyes in the plaid skirt studying econ at Laurier. Holy shit do you and your friends have a superiority complex. A little tip for you...if you are hot and an asshole the only guys you get are assholes because they'll put up with your assholishness so they can sleep with you. However, anyone who is not an asshole is going to be sick to death of you in no time....that's even if they bother trying to get to know you. You look like you spend a lot of time making yourself look good; instead take some time to read 'How to be a tolerable human being' by Dr. Suram Notafukhayed.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute guy yesterday in the CHEM 120 lecture, wearing the hat. NICE


MISSED CONNECTION: MKV EAST. Boy who added everyone in my suite except for me, OKAY COOL.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who I grew up with, it sucks that we don't talk anymore despite the fact we're attending the same uni. Hope you're killing it at your res.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl I struck a conversation with after the computer science lecture, I really enjoyed the talk we had and I think you're pretty cute. But I never got a chance to ask for your number :/

Updated on Thursday, September 18, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Tim Horton's employee that I saw Wednesday (September 17th) around 5/6 pm, you are so good looking that I couldn't stop starting at you. I think you noticed me looking and I really hope I didn't creep you out. You're tall, white, with dark hair, and I think I read Dominic on your name tag. I'd love to get with that ;)

-The brunette wearing a navy-blue sweater. I came in with my guy friend.


MISSED CONNECTION: To my closest guy friend at Waterloo that i met this year. i think your pretty attractive. i told you that you caught my eye but you kept it too, that doesnt happen often


MISSED CONNECTION: To the hot dancer guy, I wish you weren't so shy and talked more. I try but you making it difficult to work with you.

Updated on Wednesday, September 17, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guys who helped me up, picked up my teeth, and drove me health services after I whiped out on my bike - thank you so, so much. I really don't know what I would have done if you hadn't helped.

Updated on Tuesday, September 16, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the lovely freshman girls at the SAF lounge: good luck with first year! Go party and don't work too hard :) You're gonna have a good time!


MISSED CONNECTION: Dear Science, won't you please take me back. I get the feeling this thing with Video Games is starting to get real unhealthy.

Updated on Sunday, September 14, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the boys out there. why won't you glance at my way? its not like I have a big F*** OFF written on my face. and yah, why not try ask me out? I'm pathetic--damn--lonely here ����