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Updated on Wednesday, July 29, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the hot guy wearing orange crocs on campus today....same time same place next week? p.s you were rocking those crocs


MISSED CONNECTION: Asian dude from stats that looks like Eugene from Buzzfeed. You're the reason I go to every class. Sad part is I'm probably going to fail anyways...


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with medium-long black hair today at Bomber around 3:30-4:00 pm. you are cute! We looked at each other multiple times :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To Kal Drogo who is around Engineering, half the time you look like a caveman, the other half you are one of the hottest guys on earth


MISSED CONNECTION: We used to see each other all the time, those times were great.

You used to annoy the hell out of me and my friends, and I never understood why you acted the way you did.

And your sexiness was like ecstasy to me when we were together in bed.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Indian girl who I saw at Auntys Kitchen wearing a blue sweater , you were so beautiful, like damn.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the really cute brown girl with light brown hair that I saw at MC today, thank you for helping me pick up my notes when I dropped them! Wish I got your number.


MISSED CONNECTION: Brunette that came into international news today (Saturday) around 7. You're gorgeous and somehow familiar though I swear we've never met. You had a black dress, nose ring, and a gov of Canada check sticking out if your purse. You seem to be in a league of your own but Please stop by international news again and buy some more shit so I can at least try to feed some one-liners. 
--blond dude that works there 


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl with glasses filming the a cappella concert on Friday: you were really cute. I wish I had said something when we talked.


MISSED CONNECTION: You asked me to write an MC about you almost 3 years ago. It's been a while, let's catch up.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who sang blame at the acapella concert tonight, your stunning. Can you blame me for wanting to get a coffee with you? ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: At the acapella concert the purple group's heartbreaker soloist was so hot. Those curves. 10/10 would bang, even if it ends up breaking my heart.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Bomber bouncer with long hair and glasses: maybe I've been at this school for too long, but I think you're delicious.

Updated on Friday, July 24, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl with the backwards green baseball cap at last Bomber:

Your smile, your style
Simple, yet enchanting
Yet I stood afar
Never to ask you to go dancing

I wish I had just approached
made introductions and conversation
but I guess we all kind of know
that bomber is a horrible location

I'd like to meet you when sober
With full clarity and mind
So we can both share a dialogue
of a genuine kind

they say you only live with regrets
and I say, I must agree
the only thing I wish,
is that I asked you to dance with me.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Bomber bouncer with long hair and glasses: maybe I've been at this school for too long, but I think you're delicious.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl at the cash
of MC's C&D
who always wears a smile
as she sells shit to me

Whether it be aunty's butter chicken
you're always there at the right time
for my sub for lunch
a presence most sublime


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Russian guy at DP on Wednesday afternoon:

Thanks again for watching my stuff. Yes, I did notice you checking me out --that's the reason why I was smiling every time we made eye contact. I know you wanted to talk to me too; you managed that "bless you!" before I was even done sneezing.

I would have gladly introduced myself, but I had no way of knowing if the girl to your left was just a friend of maybe more, since you were having a conversation in Russian (shameless "mate poaching" at the library probably isn't a good idea!)

Anyways, if you are single and this message somehow reaches you (people of the page, help us out!) ...same time, same place (before the term is over), maybe?

- Brunette, yoga pants. 


MISSED CONNECTION: To the acapella group in the MC C&D:

Melodies divine,
Harmonies supreme,
Smiles galore,
A sound so clean.

I wish I could listen forever
This must be a dream
Perhaps the best UW group
That I've ever seen.

Please come back sometime
and disrupt the silence once more
this mundane life we share
all us, UW-MATH whores.


MISSED CONNECTION: You never imagine what I have been through many hardship from the tike I saw you on February 24 around 5:30 on MC. You were with friend studying. I wish I would have more courage to come forward. Regret it is late and the consequence are devastating.


MISSED CONNECTION: If I knew what I was doing with my life now that I've graduated (what job I'll finally get and where I'll be living) I'd ask you out in a second. I find myself to be so clumsily stupid around you and constantly blushing. I just wouldn't want to start something and then move away right at the beginning.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the poster of this MC,

Did you find the answer you were looking for? Why not tell this individual in person so it won't be an MC?

Updated on Tuesday, July 21, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To a certain young lady C whom I encountered briefly on the Grand Bend Beach trip. 
I believe that we learn to process instructions and read time on an average age of 6 years or less. Judging by that, you should have over 12 years of experience in doing both to be a functional adult who is also smart enough to get in uwaterloo. When I saw you enter the bus 1.5 hours later than the instructed time, it took my breath away. The slightly irked look in your onyx eyes when you looked at the 32 people waiting patiently was one I'd never forget. Also when you dreamily slammed your bag on my shoulder without uttering a single word of apology, I felt the butterflies in my stomach.
Can we never meet again?
Sincerely me :) 


MISSED CONNECTION: To the minion girl at semi formal. You're beautiful. :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl on the FEDS bus from McCowan to DC, who wore a watch with gold and white band (like this: I was thinking of ways to get your number. I was going to come up to you and ask if we have met before (or some shit like that) and get your number. But then I saw my friend outside the bus and couldn't execute my plans. (I was sitting behind you on the bus btw).


MISSED CONNECTION: Hey red jacket, black boots, and golden watch. I'm still not sure what happened on that rainy afternoon bus ride. I just couldn't bring myself to ask: what music were you listening to?


MISSED CONNECTION: To my old friend in management: let's spend our last year together? Kinda like the good old days? I have no idea where to find you, and I don't even know if you still care for me. Regardless, you know where to find me.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian guy at Phills who helped me after these girls fell on me and told the bouncer it wasn't my fault. Thank you!


MISSED CONNECTION: To that girl with the beautiful voice on Albert and Columbia Wednesday night. This isn't as MC, your voice was just captivating.

Updated on Wednesday, July 15, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl wearing a white-blue tied shirt and white short shorts, with red-tipped glasses, who was working at 5th floor dp today: You have the most stunning smile! I kept getting distracted from my assignment, and I think your friends caught me staring at you lol. From the guy in the black tank :D


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian guy in my CS class, you're as fine as a freshly sharpened pencil.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with the yoga mat who's always in the SLC: You're a dick. Stop acting like you own the building just because you sit on Feds council. #FedsDoesThat


MISSED CONNECTION: To the really cute asian intramural football referee that is always refereeing during evening-night times... You're so cute I'd like to get to know you better if you know what I mean.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the white guy in the green muscle shirt at CIF late Friday night: You're hot shit.

- Asian girl in pink shorts on the stairclimber (I don't think you even saw me though)

Updated on Friday, July 10, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl at the gym who was not too tall, nice face, and carrying maybe 20 extra pounds. How the hell did you run twice as fast as me for twice as long? I was interested, but I can't bear that kind of humiliation.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the polish guy with white, long hair up in a half-ponytail; I'll be your roach any day


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl i saw in the window @ 45 Columbia on Canada... damn girl you fine, i wish i came up to talk with you, but i had to go home :( next time :P


MISSED CONNECTION: To the white girl sitting in ML Monday morning near the're cute

Updated on Monday, July 6, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the wonderful girl N. in SDS who I shared a bench with at PAC this evening (July 6) who was dumbell pressing 35lbs. I think there was a mutual attraction between both of us, and I need to commend you on your excellent form and dedication to the fitness lifestyle. However, I felt like if I asked you for your number you would have gotten the wrong impression. I got out of a relationship and don't think I'm quite ready to try again, though I would love to sit and chat over coffee. I hope you see this.

C. the Chem major


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl wearing the shirt that said "money" who was trying to enter CPH while I was trying to leave Thursday afternoon:

It's probably really weird since the only time we've ever interacted was that Thursday, while we both awkwardly held the doors open for each other... but I think you're kinda cute for a brown girl, and you have a really cute smile! Hopefully I'll see you around campus some more!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute blong with big tits at CIF: I saw that you were smiling at me...and yes....I smiled back. Once I finished my set I went to say hi, and you were gone. Perhaps next saturday?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute brown girl on the iXpress around 2:40ish on July 3, you are absolutely gorgeous. We both got on the bus from DC. Would've loved to talked to you, but chickened out last minute.

Hope to see you around :)

- Brown guy sitting one seat over to the your right


MISSED CONNECTION: The girl at CIF with porcelain skin, you're a 10.


MISSED CONNECTION: Beautiful brunette graduate student, you make me smile.


-->Once upon a time the was averagish guy. He did average things like go to class late. Sometimes went to the gym. You know. Then through some interactions through friends he met this girl. To be honest he thought she was just cute and that's it. Fast forward to the present and this guy started talking to her for a few weeks. Then he talks to her all night one night and can't fall asleep because he's thinking about her. Y u do dis. Now the guys thinking about asking the girl out.

Updated on Thursday, July 2, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: We had seen each other at the Carnival Court dance floor at "Harrah's Las Vegas" 6/29 1am-2am. I was wearing a black top and a long black skirt that had cuts on the side. I also had braids. You were dancing with two of your guy friends and I was the tall girl dancing with my one blonde friend. We danced for a little bit after my friend left. You seemed very friendly and I wish I could have danced with you a little longer, but I couldn't because my friend returned and then you left.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute brown girl with the nose ring in my CS class. I just want to say you have a nice smile!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tallish brunette at Williams who worked Thursday morning (June 25th). You're beautiful and I'd ask for your number but I have no idea if that's wrong to do to someone working.

Thanks for bringing me my breakfast.


MISSED CONNECTION: I want to know whose playlist was playing on Thursday, June 25th at the SLC in late afternoon (someone at Turnkey I'm assuming). A PVRIS song was playing and it's not even one of their popular singles! PVRIS is one of my favourite bands. I need to know who you are because... you're cool.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with the short hair and red dress who held the door for me in QNC. You made my heart flutter the entire day. Haven't felt like that in awhile.Thank you!


MISSED CONNECTION: Asian girl with the yellow umbrella in slc on the 25th at 4:30 you are superb. Stay classy