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Updated on Monday, October 20, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: My beautiful Bio 130L TA, you are absolutely Gorgeous and I would love to take you out on a date but after we finish class ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the stunning indian girl at chainsaw on a pub crawl
as soon as i saw you, my heart skipped a beat.I dropped everything to come talk to you. your smouldering eyes and sass is a killer mix. I dont think you caught on that i was attracted to you... you're so intriguing. I hope i see you around more often


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute curly haired boy I always pass in the Physics building: our eyes always meet and we smile at each other ... but will we ever say hello?


MISSED CONNECTION: To all the girls in the Ballroom dance club, you are all beautiful! We'd love to dance with you more if you ladies actually came to the practices :)

- The males in the club


MISSED CONNECTION: the 3rd floor beckhall don. does she have a boyfriend? is it wrong to be interested in your don?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Music Club President.

You might not know it, but you're super cute and funny. Always the best combo. Hope to see you at Open Mic on Tuesday ;)

- Your secret admirer


MISSED CONNECTION: Thank you for what we had, I'm happy things ended the way they did :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the dark, Asian trainer at cif, I find you hot!!

Updated on Saturday, October 18, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the super cute korean girl in williams at eating lunch who was laughing really loud - i hear you telling someone about your boy problems. Lets grab drinks and ill give you more boy problems to tell to your friend about


MISSED CONNECTION: To the light red big with short hair, you have great style. After 7 weeks in loo, you are still the prettiest girl i've seen here. I saw you on campus for the first time last week and I waved but you didn't recognize me :(..

-silly frosh in civ


MISSED CONNECTION: To the 4A Mech eng. girl. I know some of your friends and you're really CUTE

-younger Mech


MISSED CONNECTION: To the women's volleyball team practicing Tuesday night at the PAC

Holy hell. Ya'll are gorgeous in those spandex.


Extremely distracted work-out guy


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with blue eyes and silly pants, keep being so awesomely sucky. This isn't really an MC, but what the heck, who cares!


MISSED CONNECTION: Does anybody want to just hang out & cuddle?
- girl trying to relieve exam stress


MISSED CONNECTION: Don't have a missed connection with voting, vote October 27th in the municipal election!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Tamil guy in FARM who sits alone each class, I'l sit beside you! You're soooo cute!


MISSED CONNECTION: Human decency, I miss you.

-Person who keeps being drawn to this site


MISSED CONNECTION: To the really beautiful Asian girl that was walking towards MC from DC around 5pm on Thursday, I was knocking through the glass door (while eating in the DC caf) to try and say hi but you missed me :( ...


MISSED CONNECTION: I wish I sat next to you when you saved me seats in 332. I miss you


MISSED CONNECTION: I have a terrible week because I didn't talk to you and regret, afraid we never meet again


MISSED CONNECTION: You are pretty blonde girl in MC Tuesday October 14, sitting in the first row. You saw me or not? I think you did. I was very stupid

Updated on Wednesday, October 15, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: I'm in love with my best friend but I know we will never be because I'm taller than him and he said he would never date a tall girl.
I never thought I could love and hurt this much at the same time.


MISSED CONNECTION: to the girl running WEBS - I first noticed you two years ago when you were doing FOC,
I think you're cute and have impeccable executive functioning skills. Ps your arms are beautifully toned. 
-wanna make a vanilla swirl? ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: Pretty girl in white sweater and ripped jeans at SLC Monday night. We all hope that white guy isn't your boyfriend.


MISSED CONNECTION: To my buddy working in Waterloo this term:
Frustrating having to wait 3 months until I get back from co-op in the US to ask you out for a drink...
Pretty sure you're not interested, but hey, always worth a shot (or a beer)!
- That crazy girl


MISSED CONNECTION: To #1 on the girls volleyball team, thank you. Talking to you today really was amazing (and btw beautiful isnt a word that really justifies what you are, i cant think of an alternative word now, but know that you are something more)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the gorgeous guy in my philosophy class, I think you're name is Liam? 
Thanks for giving me a reason to come to class. Keep killing the bodybuilding game.


MISSED CONNECTION: To my beautiful ginger friend B!
I know you stalk this page, so I thought I would give you a shoutout! You are lovely and an awesome person :D
From: Redhead, A.

Updated on Saturday, October 11, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Organic TA, are you single?!



MISSED CONNECTION: Damnit. Just when I'd worked up the courage to say hi to the cute guy in my poli-sci class, he doesn't show for class. Now I have to wait until next week.

Updated on Thursday, October 9, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: You looked just like my high school crush until you turned around. But you were still really cute. You gave me directions to find the building which I was right in front of, and you had a cute lisp. Where are you now???


MISSED CONNECTION: So we talked all night at Monte Carlo and I thought we had so much in common, but then I never saw you again. Sigh.


MISSED CONNECTION: My essay & I...we have no connection


MISSED CONNECTION: To the gorgeous creature working at International News on Tuesday, just before 7pm

I had to do a double take when I walked in -I hope you noticed! 

p.s. Somebody tell me if the guy is taken, or I may not be able to control myself next time. 

-Brunette with striped black/red scarf.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in the math C&D Tuesday wearing a black dress shirt and orange shirt underneath who gave me tips about the french vanilla machine. I hope I see you around again soon! I should have at least gotten your name...


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful red headed girl who took the bus on Cedarbrae last winter term. You also lived in REV in first year (we're class 2016). I keep seeing you around but I've always got to run or do something and I keep missing you. I'll definitely drop what I'm doing and just introduce myself if we cross paths again.


I love to see you play, I will be secretly cheering for you when you play Algoma this week. Also, you are beautiful. Somehow I cant stop thinking about you.. Damn
- A true fan


MISSED CONNECTION: Asian trainer who apparently works at CIF all the time because every time i go i see you: you're incredibly handsome and thank you for taking all our dirty towels out of the gym. now my question is, how do i book a session with you without saying "oh yea i only want to work with the hot asian guy"....


MISSED CONNECTION: Dear registrars office receptionist,
I went back, I wore the same green shirt and I was ready to hand you a Chocolate bar and on a coffee date. You where not there, my day was shattered,
The sad guy in the green shirt


MISSED CONNECTION: To the karaoke host at Chainsaw,
You intrigue me.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who slightly resembles Thor at PAC like everyday, you are some kind of beautiful.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the leader of the improv club: I had no idea of your status when I said my stupid pun in the ENV coffee shop, but your quick follow up and pun-bombardment caught me off guard. I'm still amazed. 

Well done.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the gorgeous redhead I met in first year residence and chose to stop pursuing in second year... I still regret it, think we wudda made sparks fly and heads turn

Updated on Monday, October 6, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To my muscular BUGs man,

We had a class together here and there and did orientation together too. I like to think that you noticed me in our class last fall but I know you probably didn't. I wish I had talked to you before. Now the only hope I have of seeing you again is when I return for convocation.


MISSED CONNECTION: Monday morning in front of M3. Thigh high grey socks. Absolutely killin' it.


MISSED CONNECTION: To Steve who I met Friday morning around RCH, it's always nice when someone introduces themselves randomly, sorry I was on my way to class at the time though. I hope you succeeded on whatever your mission was.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the fair-skinned girl working out at CIF Sunday evening around 7 (wearing a yellow-lined grey top).. you're very beautiful and you made my heart skip while I was trying to lift.. I very much hope to see you again so I can work up the courage to speak to you.

Purple v-neck

Updated on Sunday, October 5, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To all my "Not Selected"s on Jobmine: I wish we could have a connection.


MISSED CONNECTION:  To the cutie from outside the bio 130 midterm in AL, I should've said more..


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute Asian guy at open mic night. You were in a group and played the keyboard. Not sure if one of the few people that were there for you was your SO. But I hope you are single.