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Updated on Wednesday, July 23, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall girl who worked out at CIF on Tuesday, couldn't tell if you were checking me out or not. Hope you smile back at me next time I see you


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who always works the morning shift at the engineering C&D. You are a total bear cub and I love it.


MISSED CONNECTION: to the three guys that saw me bail on my bike on my way home from the bar tuesday night...glad you werent dickholes and actually asked if i was okay. that hurt like a bitch wish they didnt change the sidewalk up on me


MISSED CONNECTION: to the girls who complain that guys are too pushy at bars, its no different when you shove youre ass up on the guy who knows how to dance. How about introducing yourself ladies....


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brunette girl at the Eng C&D Tuesday (striped shirt, white pants), I have seen you a few times and each time I think you are very cute. You seem to have an accent which is awesome. If you stop by again, I would love to get your name! -guy working at C&D


MISSED CONNECTION: To whoever wrote n****r on my car. Thanks I'm flattered that you are salty but get a life. I hope you can channel your energy on something positive and stop worrying about our people.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the stunning girl who so elegantly smiled today (Tuesday) in EIT. You have black curly hair and a yellow ESQ shirt, escorting the little ones to what I presume was lunch. I do hope to see you again with that smile!
-From the student carrying large red tomes.


MISSED CONNECTION: Tall white guy in glasses who was wearing a shirt that said "Real men wear pink" or something like that at the Mean Girls event, you're really cute! - Girl in maroon jeans that night


MISSED CONNECTION: To the 2B nano who is a huge Song of Ice and Fire fan... I know you're going offstream, you're probably 100% uninterested in a relationship, and that it'd totally never work anyways, but I like you, and I liked knowing you, and I'm happy that I knew you, and that's good enough.

Updated on Sunday, July 20, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who consistently tries to sleep with me even though I repeatedly tell you that I have no interest, I can't believe you just don't get it. Now we'll never ever be friends again. I had to block you from Facebook and blacklist your number just so you don't continue harassing me. Get a freaking life, for goodness' sake!


MISSED CONNECTION: I'd like to file a bug report.

The spec for `return_flirt()` *clearly* specifies that an atomic check for `has_significant_other()` must be performed before any `flirt()` action may be returned. But your implementation was clearly non-compliant; you proceeded without failure but a manual check later in the week returned True! If you're not careful with this kind of thing, you could easily cause a TOCTOU race cond, and I guess my feels spun. :( Marked: severity = medium

- girl in the shirt



We have been Friends for years and I have told you "I love you" more times than I care to count... guess the thing with friendzone is that anything goes but nothing is taken seriously.

I have never met anyone who understands me like you do. Even though we are so different, we somehow get each other. Sometimes you annoy the heck out of me, but even our arguments help us grow.

If you were not such a Ross, I would tell you in person how much I adore you, but since you are who you are, I hope you find your own Rachel Green... without having to go through three failed marriages.

Best of luck wherever you go. I will try really hard to forget you.

From: Monica (...not siblings IRL, 'cause that would be gross)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute girl working in bomber, I think you're really hot! Fck!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl on the bus I couldn't take my eyes off of. I hope you know I was looking because of you are beautiful, not because of the scar on your lip. If I was closer I would have started up a conversation.

Updated on Saturday, July 19, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown guy always on dp 10th, I've known you since first year. Now we're in the Master's program and I still can't get the guts to tell you. You're surrounded by 3 or 4 asian girls at any one time - a hardcore girl shield. ugh.... it wrecks me. The way you're with me is so real. You make fun of me and you’re so much fun. I don’t have enough time in a day to think about you....

Updated on Friday, July 18, 2014


To the gorgeous brunette who has a class in the basement of MC on Friday afternoon. I saw you earlier in the week wearing a white T shirt with blue sleeves. You are fuckin' hot.


To the guy whose always in Mathsoc, he's always so happy and kind, and his smile is to die for. It would be nice to date someone who isn't a stuck-up asshole or a shy homebody for once. I sometimes see him with a rainbow bracelet though... Is it just a sign of support, or is he gay?

- The girl who loves candy


To the white girl who I used to have class with in nano engineering. I think you're gorgeous and have beautiful eyes. Sorry I keep staring at you on the bus. Maybe I'll work up the courage to compliment you in person one day.

From an asian guy who is a bit hesitant about talking to you.


The two funniest guys came into Fox on wednesday night for wings. One was white the other brown. Both high out of their minds and you could clearly smell it too. I could not stop laughing and smiling because of you two

Updated on Thursday, July 17, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who left her excel gum pack (with one piece of gum left) in the CIF women's change room, thank you it was very refreshing.


MISSED CONNECTION: White guy with a mohawk (rarely up), he carries a motocycle helmet around, and has multiple piercings. Always wearing a black leather jacket, and a green Turtle Shell backpack. I know he was a cheerleader, and he's irresistible. Can anyone confirm if he dates guys?

Updated on Wednesday, July 16, 2014


There have been some thoughts on my mind recently – thoughts that I just simply can’t ignore anymore. I know this note may be the last thing you’d expect, but I simply can no longer abide silence. So I’m going public about our story. Or lack of one.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the South Indian girl in AFM (i think), you're pretty.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the lecturer who just involved in a car accident and was absent for classes, wish you get well soon! WE MISS YOU!!

Updated on Monday, July 14, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To my roommate. I love every single thing about you but I am afraid that you don't love me back. I'm afraid that you only see me for the bad things I have done instead of all the good things that you have inspired me to do. Most of all, I'm afraid that when September comes I will never see you again and I will be left in pieces.


MISSED CONNECTION: Girl in bus shelter today in front of RBC bus stop going to the mall, you looked like something was bothering you and wanted to ask if you were okay, but I was too shy. Pretty girls like you shouldn't look so down ): I hope you're okay - Guy drinking starbucks


MISSED CONNECTION: To the very attractive guy I saw at the bank at Conestoga Mall Saturday morning. I'm sorry I didn't seem flirty; I was struck by how handsome you were. Next time I see you I'll make sure I flirt more, because frankly you seem like a great person and if I have the chance to get to know you better, then I would certainly take it! By the way, your name starts with an "I". I don't know if you go to UW but I hope to see you again.

The girl you served at the bank counter, had glasses, kinda cute. Take a chance on me maybe?


MISSED CONNECTION: guy who was at chainsaw saturday night in the blue and white button up shirt who sang "take on me" for karaoke, we kept making eye contact but never talked. you were cute

Updated on Sunday, July 13, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Girl in the white and pink at starlight with some srs moves... nice to finally meet someone who can hold their own on the dancefloor :p


MISSED CONNECTION: To the 2 middle eastern looking guys who were getting their photo taken by the UW photo club -you both are extremely good looking.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Cobra Mustang I was driving with, I miss weaving through traffic down the highway with you. Thank you for being in front getting any cops before I got there.


MISSED CONNECTION: MMM To the guy I just started dating your awesome! And same goes to all the other guys and girls that just started dating/ seeing someone! Your SO thinks it too!!! :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl on the #6 bus, I wish I smiled when we made eye contact :(

Updated on Friday, July 11, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: I woke up last night wanting to dream of you.
I will not visit the grave of the past or send her the ashes of my roses.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown guy I see sometimes on Fridays on the GO bus heading to Waterloo. I've seen you wear an Aviva key card so I assume you work there and you get off at sports world usually. I've definitely seen you on campus before but with a laurier sweater so maybe you go there? I find you so cute. Next time we ride together, I am coming to talk to you!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown guy I see sometimes on Fridays on the GO bus heading to Waterloo. I've seen you wear an Aviva key card so I assume you work there and you get off at sports world usually. I've definitely seen you on campus before but with a laurier sweater so maybe you go there? I find you so cute. Next time we ride together, I am coming to talk to you!


MISSED CONNECTION: Saw a post here before about a white guy and a brown guy skate boarding in uptown. Definitely saw them earlier today and woah are they ever hot! Definitely two guys I wish I could have worked up the courage to talk to.. Does anyone know who they are?


MISSED CONNECTION: To to the guy in slc around 12:30pm wearing a bright neon orange t-shirt and a purple herschel backpack, you were really attractive and if only there was a way for us to meet haha :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To my physics 112Lab Ta... fuck you're hot!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the chubby guy in a hoodie with green backpack, you may not have seen me at Mudie's this evening, but you sat right in front of me (I was at the counter). I must say, you look cute and very friendly with your pals.

If you would accept this from another man, I'd love to know you better and see if something comes out of it, at least a good friendship. I'm a research scholar, bearded with a ponytail, who'll only be here for summer.

Updated on Monday, July 7, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who shared his umbrella with me on Columbia, thank you so much! It was pretty silly of me to forget my umbrella of all things. But really, I was truly grateful and it was nice seeing someone as kind as you. I hope you have an amazing day, even in this rain :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl working at the Second Cup during the earlier part of Sunday afternoon and complimented me on my travel mug: you're cute and seem like an awesome person to talk to :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the short indian girl walking down ring road with her small dog, that dog is the cutest thing i have seen in years. You are pretty cute yourself :)

guy that zipped by you on the bike, and now cannot stop thinking about you


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute asian couple wearing red outside of 203 Lester last night, thought you guys were really cute! :)

Updated on Saturday, July 5, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the ginger guy in the hodgetwins tank at the CIF weight room Friday around 7pm: you are hella fine. I have a boyfriend but that doesn't mean I can't admire from afar right? :3 Keep up the hard work!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl in PSYCH339 who always sits at the front and reads a book before class, you're hot but intimidating... smile!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl with the light purple shirt who microwaved her food and was watching the game in SLC Friday afternoon around 5 pm,
you are by far the most prettiest girl I have ever seen in Waterloo in years.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy that I met at Phil's on Monday night (June 30),

You were being wingman for your buddy and trying to help him get with my friend so I don't know if you were actually interested in me or not, but I was definitely into you. You were the coolest guy I met that night and I haven't really been able to stop thinking about you. I've been kicking myself for not asking you for your number.

- Girl on co-op

Updated on Friday, July 4, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian boy named David at Health Services on June 2nd around 11:30 AM,
You're REALLY cute! I would've said something to you, but you left the building before I got the chance to. I wonder if you're single?
- Asian girl with the grey vest and dark olive green shorts


MISSED CONNECTION: to the fit girl w. yellow backpack always in silent study.. tell me thats your brother not your bf with you