OMG UPDATE: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but write a missed connection and submit it maybe?

Updated on Thursday, July 2, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: We had seen each other at the Carnival Court dance floor at "Harrah's Las Vegas" 6/29 1am-2am. I was wearing a black top and a long black skirt that had cuts on the side. I also had braids. You were dancing with two of your guy friends and I was the tall girl dancing with my one blonde friend. We danced for a little bit after my friend left. You seemed very friendly and I wish I could have danced with you a little longer, but I couldn't because my friend returned and then you left.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute brown girl with the nose ring in my CS class. I just want to say you have a nice smile!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tallish brunette at Williams who worked Thursday morning (June 25th). You're beautiful and I'd ask for your number but I have no idea if that's wrong to do to someone working.

Thanks for bringing me my breakfast.


MISSED CONNECTION: I want to know whose playlist was playing on Thursday, June 25th at the SLC in late afternoon (someone at Turnkey I'm assuming). A PVRIS song was playing and it's not even one of their popular singles! PVRIS is one of my favourite bands. I need to know who you are because... you're cool.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with the short hair and red dress who held the door for me in QNC. You made my heart flutter the entire day. Haven't felt like that in awhile.Thank you!


MISSED CONNECTION: Asian girl with the yellow umbrella in slc on the 25th at 4:30 you are superb. Stay classy

Updated on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: Girl with classes, denim jacket and black dress 7D this morning, your cute!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the random guy that gave me a kit-kat bar. Thank you so much! You have rekindled my faith in humanity especially since I'm dealing with the awfulness of having a sociopathic housemate who has cut my internet off late evening, among other acts of harassment that has brought me a lot distress. People like you and these random acts of kindness make me believe that even if its minority, there are good people in this world!!


I'm down if you're down.

Updated on Thursday, June 18, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the blonde girl in the Grey shirt with the black bra at cif. You are going mad hard and it's making your boob super perky. I approve 


MISSED CONNECTION: To the gorgeous lady with the very pretty name at Chainsaw on Saturday. It was nice meeting you (however briefly)! I hope to see you there again sometime :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To my indian friend,
I thought that by the time I saw you at convocation, I would be over you. After seeing you in that red dress, I realize that I'm not.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the biggest troll I know,

I always wondered if u ever picked up on the fact that I liked you. I know you've gone through some hard times... You still kind of are, and that you try and find distractions to distract yourself from all these negative thoughts of yours. I kind of wish that I was one of those distractions for you. I know what you want in a girl and that I don't fit the things you want, that's why never tried. I know I told you I'm straight forward when it comes to telling people that I like them but with you it was hard to be that way because I didn't want to lose you as a friend. I also just convinced myself that you probably need someone else in your life and that I probably not that persons for you. So yea I think you'll be my biggest missed connection, but I think I'm okay with that.

From someone very close by


MISSED CONNECTION: Should have turned around more. Should have looked in the eyes. Should have followed up. Should have asked... something.

Next week?


MISSED CONNECTION: Girl with classes, denim jacket and black dress 7D this morning, your cute!



I left before I could give you my number last night. Comment if you would like it and maybe we could hang out sometime :).

-Guy from Chainsaw


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl, Indian I think, who saw me at the mall, smiled and ran forward for a hug. I'm sorry I just vaguely smiled and side stepped. I had absolutely no idea who you were.
-Someone who'd had a long day.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who helped me bring my groceries to my place at WCRI! One of my grocery bags broke and I walked a long way. You are an angel and I wish you luck on your midterms :) smile emotico :

I'd definitely like to buy you a coffee sometime!!

Updated on Friday, June 12, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute long haired blonde girl with the bright orange/pink neon backpack. You kept glancing over at me while I was enjoying my morning coffee as you walked past DC. Come join me for coffee one morning!

- Guy sitting on across the street.


MISSED CONNECTION: To J: I'm starting to think we're meant for each other regardless of what people think. Love has no socio-economic status, age, culture, sex or past. I will be here for you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl that left me her parking slip for E5 on Tuesday, you're awesome :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl in the blue tank top and black yoga pants at CIF around 12:30, haven't seen you around in a long time. Wanted to talk to you today but didnt want to creep you out in the gym. Maybe next time


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl sitting outside of CIF on Monday afternoon (pink shirt and black jacket). Damn are you fine.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the blonde lady who studied with a friend in MC and left around 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday, February 24. I think you brought a Mac laptop (not sure which kind of laptop since all I saw was your beauty), blue backpack, white sweater, green coat (I think), Red maple Canadian gloves( I think) . You are the most amazing lady I have seen and I so regret that I didn’t come to talk to you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy on the bike wearing a blue shirt just a brief while ago. THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting the last FEDsb)Bus of the week to Toronto to wait for me! It's the first time I'm going home in a while and that wouldn't be possible without you! I hope to pay forward your act of kindness :)
All the best!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the short brunette with those amazing eyes on the 9 bus just now, I tried so hard to muster up the courage to say hi :(


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Pakistani girl sitting at the desk 39 at DC at 6-9pm Tuesday (on the 2nd): I haven't seen you for a couple of months, and when I saw you first, I understood that I was missing you.

Updated on Tuesday, June 2, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: Pink shorts in CIF, you've got it goin' on


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute Korean guy who works at the new restaurant in the plaza: I paid you for my food and really wish I had gotten your name. I hope that you'll be there when I come back :)

Updated on Wednesday, May 27, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who wrote a missed connection about my friend several years ago: he still misses you :(.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the dude at CIF who told me it was his first time at a gym and had no idea what he was doing: good on you for coming and I hope you weren't overwhelmed. I hope you keep it up and I wish you good luck!

Updated on Monday, May 25, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl in MC Comfy (at 12:30-13:00 on Monday) wearing little bigger eyeglasses and red jacket: I don't know what to do when I see you. I wish to make eye contact but I partially agree with that I don't have any chance. I hope I will be able to talk to you. :)


MISSED CONNECTION: You sat next to me on the 200 on Friday around 6:45. You have beautiful blonde hair and your perfume smelt heavenly. I have no ability to talk to strangers on buses but I just really wish I did and spoke to you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the gal in blue at badminton tonight
I played with u before but didn't get a chance to catch ur name..hope we get to play again cutie ;)

The guy


MISSED CONNECTION: To the lovely asian girl on the 201 today at 4:00ish with the yellow anaheim sweater, I thought you were breathtakingly pretty. Keep smiling, your smile was adorable.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the person with long hair and the grey-and-black Les Miserables t-shirt standing by University & Seagram around 2:20 on Tuesday -- you're the 2460-1 for me.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful redhead who works at PAC, I hope we can meet for a coffee instead next time we see each other!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful dark haired masters student that once shared a brilliant time together with me. You were quite a woman and will be missed greatly. I wish that our lives could have inter-twined less strenuously so we would have had the time to know each other better and share our souls.

Vivid images of your beautiful smile fill my mind as my heart sinks further away into the abyss. Best of luck with your personal goals and I hope you find what it is you are searching for.

-A very broken grad student


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute Asian girl with the clear googles swimming laps with her friend at the PAC on Saturday. I tried to stop for a rest everytime I saw you stopped and we made eye contact a few times. Hope to see you around again


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with the chin strap in amath: I'd really like to get to know you better so I can tell you to style your facial hair differently.

Updated on Tuesday, May 19, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: You were the beautiful guy in the salmon tank top on the 201 Saturday at 720. I was the bigger guy in the grey polo across the bus from you. There is nothing hotter than a twinkish guy with hair on his chest. Did you like my frame?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the feds VP Internal, you're a sweetheart. Thank you for bringing me cutlery and a fresh plate of waffles after I dropped mine at the Welcome Week breakfast. You seemed like you were busy running the event which is too bad because I really wanted to talk to you. :(


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl who was in zehrs at 5:37pm wearing a grey hoodie, short hair with blond highlights, with cherry red lipstick, with white earphones plugged only to your right ear, with a nice touch of foundation, with an ordinary shopping cart that was half full of eggs, lettuce, and other healthy vegetables, and we passed each other on the beverage aile intersected exactly on the Oasis grapes flavor, and you gave me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life. I should have said hello.


MISSED CONNECTION: Saw you walking around during clubs day in slc.. you were a super hot white guy wearing a black zip up sweater with a bit of red on it and had kind of short spikey hair. I was the white brunette with a sleeveless purple top. We made eye contact briefly and smiled at each other. Hope to see you around again =)


MISSED CONNECTION: To that cute girl representing imprint at SLC.
you've got a cute smile!
Wish I wasn't in a rush so I could talk to you :(
hopefully we meet again
Keep smiling!


MISSED CONNECTION: The black haired guy at the water carnival thingy this Thursday, you're omg.... can I have that body?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute girl at sex toy bingo, keep being you :)


MISSED CONNECTION: Tall brown 2015 CE girl, I didn’t realize how much I liked you until you left! I wanted to give you some space at the end of school since you had just broken up with your bf but now I feel like I completely lost my chance with you :( I cant stop thinking about you. I hope we can reconnect this summer


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute girl working at WaterlooStar that I ordered chicken wings from, your smile brightened my day.

-The guy that smiled back


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with long brown hair in a pony tail and the pretty eyes that walked by the bomber entrance around 2 or 3pm today and smiled at me. The moment was so brief and yet for some reason my mind keeps coming back to it. I wish I knew your name so I could see you smile again. From the guy wearing a light blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up who almost walked into you and smiled back.