OMG UPDATE: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but write a missed connection and submit it maybe?

Updated on Thursday, October 8, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Hemsworth lookalike on the 7 yesterday. Good God, I didn't realize guys like you were real.


MISSED CONNECTION: To my smart and beautiful guuuurl, wish you were in Waterloo and not on coop in the T.O.. Missing you like mad crazy right now, want to hug you really bad right now.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl who walked by me on're cute


MISSED CONNECTION: To the blonde girl who smiled at me when I opened a door at MC for her and her friend, you have a really amazing smile. It'd be great if I could see you again. 
-Asian guy in the black leather jacket

Updated on Wednesday, October 7, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To every girl and boy at UW, you are beautiful and smart! Ignore people who say otherwise!

Updated on Sunday, October 4, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To my beautiful girlfriend. I know you read this every once in a while and I just wanted to give you a nice surprise. I am very lucky guy, and you're the best thing that has ever happened to me :).



MISSED CONNECTION: To the person who said they'd be 'right back' and then went home with a random hookup: You may not know this, but you missed out.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute rugby player at WIlliams (well that was the UW swag you had on indicated) studying at around 2:30-3:00ish in the corner on Thursday- dude, you are seriously so cute. I didn't take the plunge to say hi but wish i did. Hope you ace whatever you were studying for! - Latte girl that was sitting close to you


MISSED CONNECTION: To the half vietnamese girl at bomber, you're cute :)

Updated on Friday, October 2, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: The girl (beautiful, Asian, first year) who helped me and my friend carry some stuff to the dorm, thank you! You're an angel.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian bouncer with glasses and the smile of an angel who worked at Trivia night in Bomber, I really want to squeeze your cute puffy cheeks....

-small asian girl that you ID'ed

Updated on Thursday, October 1, 2015


To the don of wellesley north 1: thanks for being the coolest don ever - we can tell that you really love your students!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the sexy brown girl at ML's... my heart beats faster when I hear your cute laugh :-)


To the math CnD regular in a Velocity sweater, you have one of the sweetest smiles I have ever seen.


MISSED CONNECTION: The curly haired brown girl with a bandana who was standing near the doors at the concert (I think you were a volunteer). Saw you again the other day would have said hi but was oddly intimidated.


To all the guys who also go on runs around Waterloo campus. I run by so many and wish I had a running buddy.

Updated on Wednesday, September 30, 2015


To the girl who randomly sat at my table in the math C&D - I'd wife you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with the Last Days of Humanity shirt at AL... it's great seeing someone else into grind :)

ps join the metal club!


You graduated, moved to another city and we broke up. Even though I know the decision was for the best, I miss you every single day and I'm grateful for the years we shared. I wish nothing but happiness for you and I really hope we can be friends one day.


To the girl working at TC, we are both arsenal fans and we both lived in Australia. I had an amazing talk with you and would love to know you better! PS: you are beautiful!


To the curly haired Sci bus ambassador, you are really cute ! We have had eye contact in SLC over the past few terms, I really need to take it up a notch!


To the asian guy in my LS 102 class last winter who would always sit in the front... where art thou :'(

Updated on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


To the beautiful east asian girl I saw at UW plaza with extremely blonde hair. You're beautiful, wish I had courage to say hi.


To the cute blonde guy with green eyes, who works at Williams, I wish I had bought that caramel latte. You cutie.


To the redhead barista at second cup, you are super cute, always makes for a nice start to the day with the best coffee


To the moon, couldn't see you change (colors). Classic cloud shenanigans.


Hey! To the girl working at burrito boyz, not only did you make an amazing burrito, but your eyes stole my heart!

Updated on Monday, September 28, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the 2nd guy with a nice body who gave a lap dance to the girls on stage at the Bomber Drag Show're hot.

Ahhh that lap dance was so hot I wish I was one of the lucky girls!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy I met at SLC caf cashier on Thursday at arount 1, I regret I coudn't sit with you due to that small coincidence. I would sit at the table at the same time every week to meet you again ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the blonde cashier girl in the engineering C&D (Thursday at around 11:30 am), you had a nice smile, and thank you for saying good morning. So much better than the old woman (who runs the place?) - she always seems to be in a bitchy mood and I've never seen her smile.


MISSED CONNECTION: While in Cafe 1842 in the Huether Hotel I saw you and was mesmerized. You had dark hair, wearing a white crop top and black overalls with black heels. You were working on what looked like an essay. You had some books that had "University of Waterloo" on them. You are fucking gorgeous. God damn I wish I talked to you


MISSED CONNECTION: To the third year math student that always wears blue. I have my eyes on you ;)

Updated on Wednesday, September 23, 2015


To that Post Doc, will you Tedx with me?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl w/ a lip piercing and glasses I see around V1: I always see you with different guys so idk if u r single, but damn u r hot. I hope I had the confidence to randomly sit beside u in the caf


MISSED CONNECTION: Cute bomber security with the half shaved head, you seem really rad. I wish I had the courage to ask you out for a drink

-Shy girl

Updated on Tuesday, September 22, 2015


DC. the girl who lent me her calculator you are absolutely stunning and humble.


To the curvy blonde on the engineering pub crawl: you are very attractive and I regret not talking to you. Please come to the next crawl so I can make those cute dimples show.

Updated on Sunday, September 20, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the good-looking FEDS Exec I met on Thursday night: I wish we could've spent more time together. I'd vote you VP of my pants any day. ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tiny math FOC from this year: my heart aches for you. What do I have to do, to get you to look my way?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the upper year girl in cs or software with dyed red hair: you're super cute. That is all.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl in a ponytail at the PAC gym from 8pm to 10pm on the 11th (if I remember correctly). I think you're really cute and I'd love to grab a coffee with you.

Sincerely, that asian guy


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with the Cirno keychain on the ⑨ bus: how intentional was that choice?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl in blue overalls at the Drag show in SLC during frosh week.
hella cute.


MISSED CONNECTION: Gorgeous Bombshelter security guard. Half shaved head, amazing smile.


MISSED CONNECTION: To that shorty with the brown hair in the neon pink shirt.... u r gorgeous and u seem fun,, you have buttons all over your bag i would love to get to read them or something, yeah so we should get coffee or something sometime?

Updated on Friday, September 18, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the short cute brown haired girl that was at the front of the FEDS concert tonight with the tall blonde friend, it was a pleasure to stand beside you and hope we can met somewhere again that we can actually have a conversation.

Sincerely, that guy that may have kicked you to put 3 hands up (sorry)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the math leader with the short black hair and pink bandana around his neck most of the time: I didn't talk to you nearly enough last year when I was on your team, and wasn't able to this year, but I think your smile and dancing are super cute!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in EARTH 121 with nice arms, this class may be hard to sit through but you made cummingtonite worth it.

Updated on Thursday, September 17, 2015




MISSED CONNECTION: To the cutie in the tie guard tent during o-week who was asking people to massage her shoulders on Friday night... we should hook up. I'd massage you as much as you wanted in private.