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Updated on Friday, December 19, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the exquisite blond whom I had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon while riding the 201 iexpress Wednesday night. Your beauty took my breath away with such vigor I nearly had to reach for my inhaler.


MISSED CONNECTION: Hello to guy with chin-game in DC silent, nice chin. Keep doing you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Korean girl in the red goose studying at E5: Your low voice is hot and you have a really pretty face. Keep on doing what you're doing.
-brown hair dude


MISSED CONNECTION: To the "hot mess" that spilled hot chocolate on her boobs and rubbed them with a paper towel at my register today… that was great
-SLC Tims

Updated on Tuesday, December 16, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: to the hot girl at the CIF equipment center desk. late afternoon, tuesday, december 16. i wanted to ask you out for some coffee when I was at the desk... but i just couldnt... maybe we could tho sometime??


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl who's always playing basketball at CIF,

You're sick. I don't think you would remember me but I played against you a couple of times and lost my mind after you made my boy look foolish. Love how confident yet humble you are playing against people much bigger than you, don't ever stop. Hoping to see you again soon.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the half asian half white guy that studies in DC silent study,

You are so cute! You should smile more often :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the perfect blonde girl who I fell in love. It's a shame things did not work out.



MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute guy who kept staring at me in DC on Dec 15... You were sitting next to the garbage can ......... I know it's very vague BUT YAH I JUST WANTED TO SAY U ARE CUTE AF.


MISSED CONNECTION: MF in Eng: ur leather jacket should say VPFINE, cos DAAYYYUM


MISSED CONNECTION: to the cute girl at the CIF equipment center desk a few nights ago. Hi :). I think it was around 5 pm, December 14.

Updated on Sunday, December 14, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To seat X-19 at the stat 230 exam. You're absolutely gorgeous! I had a really hard time focusing on my exam after seeing you and I really hope I see you around the faculty some time soon!!!
Sincerely, U-18


MISSED CONNECTION: Are the ARBUS 204 TAs an item? If you're not, what are you two waiting for? You guys click!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful Planning (I think) girl I asked out at the end of Spring term, I hope you actually want to go on a date when we get back from co-op and are not just putting it off.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful girl on the 9, with brown wavy hair and pink mittens, I can't believe I didn't talk to you.

I saw you one morning but got too nervous to sit next to you, which was a big mistake. Hopefully I see you again soon.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the FEDS VP Internal, I saw you at the St. Jerome's President's dinner last night. You have a great sense of humour and you're so down to earth. You also looked incredibly handsome in the red bow tie and dark suit. We didn't properly meet but I wish we did.

Coffee date sometime?

Updated on Friday, December 12, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Hello econ 304 friend, we studied together and sat beside each other in the final exam. I just want to let you know that your the best looking girl I have ever meet. Hopefully I get to talk to you outside of school.

You are awesome :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute girl on Bus 201 to school on December 9 around 12:40 pm, you are beautiful


MISSED CONNECTION: Blond asian cutie with a bootie who loves pink and purple in PAC. Damn girl.


MISSED CONNECTION: The beautiful girl who I met because she was reading crazy love on the 12 every morning, the hectic time of finals means I haven't seen you lately. Ive missed our morning chats! The next time I see you see you I'm asking you out :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the bearded guy with dirty blonde hair and glasses in CIF this morning, you are incredibly gorgeous. You should post on r/beards!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall ginger guy in the grey sweater playing cards with a big group at sweet dreams teashop on Thursday night, you are super attractive and thought you might like to know you now have a secret admirer.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute asian girl working at starbucks:

I think you go to uw because you were talking about finals. I would love to take you out for some beer - you were talking about how you like keith's and rolling rock.

-Guy with curly brown hair on his laptop


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl that kept looking at the blond guy at Williams. I had no idea why you were looking at me till you shot me a smile as I left. Smile earlier next time, I would've asked for your number.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who was sitting at SLC silent study opposite to my desk last morning. We made eye contact a couple time but neither one made a move. If you read this find me on the UWaterloo Actuarial science page on FB. My name starts with a G. :)


MISSED CONNECTION: to T., the boy in 1A Planning! You are a cutie :) I hope the rest of first year treats you well.


MISSED CONNECTION: to the asian guy wearing a red sweater that was talking to the asian girl wearing the purple dress with a blue cardigan in SLC Great Hall yesterday (Dec. 8) at around 1am.

You guys looked so cute, are you two together? Dude, she totally likes you, I mean if you didn't notice how she looked and smiled at you while you guys were talking then you're not taking the hint. She's such a pretty girl, if you're not together then get at that bro, before she gets snatched up by someone else.

from the girl sitting at the couches behind you guys


MISSED CONNECTION: to the class who was writing an exam in PAC 6 on wednesday night (7:30-10):

you're all so damn beautiful (guys and girls). your entire section, wow


MISSED CONNECTION: Guy in DC wearing the Taylor Swift shirt, you belong with me :)


MISSED CONNECTION: to J.K. in engineering,

another term goes by without me saying a word to you. have fun on co-op! :/


MISSED CONNECTION: Handsome bookstore cashier... I regret not chatting with you more. Unsure if you were just being friendly but I was definately interested. From the girl getting ahead on mounds of reading.


MISSED CONNECTION: The tattooed guy sitting on the couches between Physics and EiT. Youre damn fine.

Updated on Tuesday, December 9, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: to the guy who sat next to me at DVLB studying for some RS course, I regret not saying hi to you.


MISSED CONNECTION: to a guy with the initials LKL,
I found an unfinished letter written to you in a study desk in DP that someone accidentally left. just wanted to let you know that you're really lucky to have someone feel this way about you. if you know who would've written you this letter, don't let her go


MISSED CONNECTION: To the delicious blond PSYCH 101 TA: You put the "hot" in PsycHOTherapy
Mod's Note: +1 for creativity! 


MISSED CONNECTION: to the v. cute girl that I sat beside in the library who was cramming for HR, we talked on the subjects of peanuts and Jian Ghomeshi — I wish you best of luck on your exam!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the biotech/cpa girl that locks eyes with me every friggin time I see her: If you are into me, why dont you ever stop to say whats up? If im reading this wrong, still feel free to say hey. I love meeting new peeps :)

Updated on Sunday, December 7, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To TW, your acapella covers are astounding. Too bad we never hit it off. We should go grab coffee sometime.


MISSED CONNECTION: to my gorgeous PSCI100 TA, I will miss you


MISSED CONNECTION: Lukas in PSCI100 you are gorgeous, do you have a girlfriend?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute guy that was throwing out his drink and leaving the top-floor of SLC...
I was really taken by surprise when you looked back at me and smiled... sooo I know I looked weird/creepy responding to that because I get super shy around cuties like you...
Awko taco :$


MISSED CONNECTION: To the two cute girls in my PMATH 351 class - though not exactly a missed connection, Im clearly forfeiting further socialization after the final due to my social awkwardness. :C
I hope I can be in other math classes with you.
Two is a large number relative to female population of PMATH classes, so this is very close to direct specification.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute girl who burped in SLC silent study today, you made made me laugh so hard I cried.
- Guy in the green sweater

Updated on Saturday, December 6, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who was walking around the 2nd floor of DC without shoes one night:

You have really nice legs and nice grey socks as well.

-some random person passing by.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the REV don always sporting tights with caramel skin and long locks of hair, every time you walk through MKV, my heart skips a beat. If only dons could date frosh....


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl in the green jacket and black beatles backpack who I had class with this term - you are the most gorgeous girl I've seen in my entire life.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who was sitting at SLC with her friends. I was sitting opposite you and when your friends left, I was tempted to approach you but I wasted the chance.
Just wanted to let you know, your curls are amazing!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the chinese girl I met in first year for the physics lab who is in biomed. You are cute, pretty and pretty chill. Shame we couldn't have many classes together after first year. I know you will make it in life and I hope that can meet again.

From - adorable brown guy


MISSED CONNECTION: to my boyfriend,

hope u see this :)

i cant wait to be together again this upcoming winter term

opposite co-op streams suck

love ya

peace out
- yo kickass gf


MISSED CONNECTION: To the female MSCI 311 TA :

You are very pretty. I hope the grad student life isn't lonely.

-311 student