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Updated on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute asian girl in the CS240 tutorial who stayed back to ask a question this Monday.

You held the door open for me when we left. I was going to ask if you wanted to work together on the last assignment, but realized I have no idea what I'm doing in that class and hesitated. You put on your hat and left before I recovered.

I regret not talking to you, and tutorials are over. Woops. Doing the assignment now though, I was totally right.

- Redhead guy with glasses.


To the hella cute asian boy who plugged my charger in SLC 2nd Floor Silent Study, holla at me!! I couldn't stop looking at you


Girl in group 1 of the poster presentation today (tuesday) with the green shirt. I think your name started with an S. I think you are really cute, and if you are on campus for the spring I want to take you out for dinner.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl who sang the first song with minors, save that last dance for me, eh ;). wicked voice btw.

-guy in the third row


To the cute girl with glasses singing "Last Dance"....DAMN your voice is amazing.


To the brown guy in prof vaughn's econ 102 class on tuesday and thursdays that always wears a beanie and glasses you are super cute!! i wish i had the courage to talk to you :(

Updated on Sunday, March 29, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful blonde girl in computer science wearing the pink cropped bunny hop shirt and white shorts,

You were the life of the party and I couldn't help but fall in love with your contagious smile. I wish I had the courage to come say hello, I'll try to come talk to you next time.

From the guy with whiskers.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with the black/blue superman toque i saw the other day.. ur so freaking cute :)


To the male orgo TA who should smile more, I'll miss you. ;) You can always tutor me you know :D


Tall, brown haired guy with glasses from my hist 275 class. You always sat in the last row on the right side. Now that the terms over, I wish I hadn't missed that connection :(


It makes me so jealous that guys check you out when you walk past them. You just don't realize how adorable you are. I wish one day I get the courage to speak to you.
-the guy that was staring at you during badminton session

Updated on Friday, March 27, 2015


To the girl with the silver blonde hair and the blue beats headphones, take them off every once in a while so I can talk to you... Please :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall, cute brown girl in my clas205 lecture,

I was really sad you didn't show up this week. The lecture was really boring without you there to distract me.

Hopefully you'll be there for the next one.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the blonde guy with glasses on the 9 bus around 1:00PM. You're incredibly good-looking with those frames on and I wish I hadn't just gotten contact lenses that day!


To the 2 lovers constantly talking in the back of BIOL241 during the 8:30am class; you guys are just so amazing for holding a loud conversation for 50 minutes that nearly 10 ppl looked in your direction to admire your ignorance.


To the guy on the bus last Friday who said my scarf was nice. I see you all the time, but we never say hello. We should.


To the boy with the Top Chez hat in MC CnD, would you like to get coffee


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in 2A Mech, if you could shave your beard that would be great. You look so good with it, you're distracting me

Updated on Wednesday, March 25, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the boy at Hazel and Columbia Wednesday morning with the most adorably stubborn golden lab puppy in training, can I just meet that puppy? You're patience for it is just as adorable :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the female with thick rimmed glasses, one day i will talk to you without getting an anxiety attack.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful man with the dreads and light brown eyes working at the DP circulation desk, can I check you out?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl at nanotech wearing a blanket scarf with glasses , you cute af.

Updated on Tuesday, March 24, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute brown girl with at CIF this Monday with a phone armband, that's one beautiful smile you got!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the british guy (well... that's what your accent sounded like to me) who said hi and then helped me find a room in the PAS building today (after my unsuccessful attemps). 
I wish more people on campus had your confidence and spontaneity! Thanks again, and all the best in the upcoming exam period.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who gave her group presentation solo Monday, your presentation was the only one I could pay attention to. You are a great public speaker and very beautiful. We locked eyes a couple times during your presentation. We will probably never see each other again, but if we do, I will try to start a conversation.

Updated on Sunday, March 22, 2015


To the brown girl with short hair that worked at International News, I saw you last buying roses for your friends before reading week, I wanted to buy you one but had forgotten my wallet so I said hi and quickly left. Ive been looking for you but where did you go? I hope this MC can be fixed


To the tall guy I locked eyes with on the 29 to King/Uni yesterday around 10:15am... I should've asked for your number, but I was running late for work and was a bit distracted. Still, I couldn't help myself from staring. I hope we run into each other again. -Asian girl with short hair in a black waitress uniform


The Azerbaijani guy who played mugham on Cultural Carvan, I wish I could have talked to you more. Not only are you incredibly talented, you also seemed like a chill person to hangout with.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the blonde lady who studied with a (male) friend in MC and left around 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday, February 24. I think you brought a Mac laptop (not sure which kind of laptop since all I saw was your beauty), blue backpack, white sweater, green coat (I think), Red maple Canadian gloves( I think) . You are the most amazing lady I have seen and I so regret that I didn’t come to talk to you. I miss you.

Updated on Friday, March 20, 2015


To the cute brown girl wearing camo in the front of Clas 104... come sit at the back again, this class is boring without you laughing at my lame jokes.


To the MATH 138 marker that wrote "for some reason, I find your handwriting very pretty : )" on my paper on Crowdmark, feel free to message me!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who i went home with on st.patty's day, i do not remember who you are but you have my shoes.

I kinda want my shoes back

Updated on Thursday, March 19, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To that zayn malik lookalike i saw a few days ago. Mmm you're handsome :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the McMullan's bouncer on St Paddy's and that blond man-bun are good for business ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with the same initials as me.. too bad im graduating this term i though you were kinda cute.


MISSED CONNECTION: Found you, tall blue eyed crazy dancing dressed in black boy, at Bomber 2 months ago, wanted to find you again on St. Paddys Day. Not my lucky night. - Ms. Probably Was Too Drunk.

Updated on Tuesday, March 17, 2015


This is to the amazingly cute girl in envs 131, econ 102 and afm 131... If you ever read this.. hopefully.. i just want you to know you have a secret admirer.. and that your just so.. so. freaking beutiful


MISSED CONNECTION: Monday, March 16th. East wrong of Health Services, sometime around 1pm. You were kind of tall, Caucasian perhaps, dark curly hair, glasses, fit, in a backwards baseball cap and shorts, prosthetic leg. I think that nurse called for "Simon".
I was sitting in a chair facing the window, brown wavey hair, pulled to the side, Caucasian female, huge hipster glasses, and a face mask unfortunately... We made due contact a couple times.
If I was on my A-game I'd have introduced myself. Let me know if you remember me.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who was singing sam smith in the new piano room today. You were so good. Please go back there next week the same time, I want to meet you and findout your coffee order.

Updated on Monday, March 16, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the redheaded girl that is in Psych 253 and stayed to talk to the prof on Monday: your face is gorgeous and I could barely stop myself from staring. - Girl who was slightly ahead of you in line.


MISSED CONNECTION: To any female who doesn't compete with her friends but supports them instead... wanna hang?
Feeling lonely.

Updated on Sunday, March 15, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To all the queer girls on this site: why don't you come to Glow?

MC: could have been friend/girlfriend


I forgot to ask for your number yesterday in the phils line. Hope I see you again :) brown guy who paid for u


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute Asian girl at badminton in black. You always come with your friend and I wish I get a chance to talk to u. Maybe we can practice together ;) ?

Ur secret admirer


To the redhead + green pants girl walking out of seagram parking lot. I was driving by and had to do a quadruple take. You have the best legs I've ever seen


To the shuttle bus driver who was kind enough to dropped me off King at around 1 am. Thank you for making my evening pleasant.


To the tall muscular BUGS man, the term is coming to an end. Should I just ask you out already before our paths diverge?

Updated on Thursday, March 12, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl in a fuchsia-ish jacket that sat next to me on the 9 coming from school today:
I was in a weird cloud of negative thoughts because of a midterm and your smile made it all go away. Totally caught me off-guard. Thanks! :D

I don't even feel bad that I've lost my 20th roll-up in a row, ahah.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl on the 12:38 202 on Thursday with the curly, light purple hair. You're gorgeous.
From the girl with purple streaks in her hair.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the (used to be) overweight brown AFM guy I've been seeing around the gym for the last semester, your determination is kickass, and you actually look pretty damn good now :D Keep it up