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Updated on Tuesday, April 21, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tamil girl in environment, you are still just as adorable as the first day we met! Congrats on the iron ring and your awesome symposium project, you'll do great things in the world! :)
- Pocahontas


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who often wears a Popeyes-orange hoodie and goes to International News to get Arizona - your smile is adorbs, I'm sad you're graduating. Being undergrad is suffering...
- Fellow Arizona lover

Updated on Sunday, April 19, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: Tall white guy with glasses, wearing a light blue/grey hoodie, sat in the front while writing the psci 250 exam on Friday. Why haven't I seen you before?!
Sincerely, girl with a sleep addled state who could not concentrate on the exam because of you.


MISSED CONNECTION: I'm graduating and never managed to get a MC posted about me, so here goes:

HEY *insert details that clearly makes it only applicable to you* ! YOU'RE SO HOT, I WANT TO TOUCH YOU ALL THE TIME. WANT TO MARRY ME AND MAKE 20 BABIES?

This didn't make me feel better at all :(


MISSED CONNECTION: Leaving the house to school. Saw you walking and you were just the most adorable thing. I wish I had the courage to walk up to you. The morning sun made you so beautiful. I couldn't stop turning around to see you. You were the cutest, fluffiest, black Burmese mountain dog I have ever seen.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute hipster guy in my CS240 class: hope were on stream and I'll have the guts to say hi next term.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy doing magic card tricks in SLC on Thursday ... You give me LIFE.


MISSED CONNECTION: To my ENGL 109 TA: I thought that you sounded cute and awesome online but damn I was not expecting you to be so hot in person. Most chicks can't pull off the short hair but you were killin it. Now just mark my exam so I can hit you up on FB.

Updated on Thursday, April 16, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful GENE 123 TA, I wanted to ask you out all term but I didn't because I was your student. You're really cute, funny, and an awesome person! Wish the term wasn't ending already.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl who works at Turnkey,

Your laugh is so pretty. I see you sometimes when I am studying or hanging out in the great hall. Hope to see more of you.

Girl that's usually sitting close to the turnkey


MISSED CONNECTION: To my guy friend I met this year since im first year, you're pretty cute. Sorry i dont let people in easily but i hope the next couple years we can be more and I can actually show you more of my personality so this missed connection can actually be reality.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl that I always see at CIF on MWF in the early afternoon, you're really cute and fit. I usually just do my own thing at the gym, but I'd love to get to know you

That guy trying to get swole.


MISSED CONNECTION: To that question I didn't answer on my final:

Maybe see you next Fall?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian girl studying math in the SLC, you've got a pretty fab beauty mark on your cheek. Hope you get in love one day.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the graduating engineer at student appreciation Bomber Wednesday last week, no idea what you look like but I know what your iron ring looks like and it's real tiny. We left it in the office in case you came back to pick it up, but no dice. Giving this a whirl as I'm sure you'do hate for this to be a MC

Updated on Sunday, April 12, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the beautiful girl in red and black plaid writing an online SDS exam in the PAC today (the 11th), I wish we could have chatted, I would love to get to know you

The guy in the old army jacket next to you


To the guy wearing the engineering leather jacket (I think it said tron on the arm) who was running up the stairs at Charles street terminal on Friday at about 8:30pm. I wish you weren't in such a rush so I might have been able to at least say something


MISSED CONNECTION: To the group of people that were robbing that guy on campus, I saw you the other day and you were all pretty cute.. I was standing right there when you pulled that gun out. I wanted you to rough me up, and get real close.. but you all ran away after.

-Girl in the red hoodie


To the guy with the fluffy hair who works at Turnkey, you are super cute and I wish I'd have the courage to talk to you and get to know you!!


To the guy who wears a brown T-shirt and studies with his two friends in DC basement. Sorry for staring so much, probably a bad combination with my bitchy resting face. -- awkward girl


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl in the bass pro shop hat that just helped me with my chem lab problem.. you're fucking funny and pretty.
I'll watch furious 7 with you.


To the cute brown guy studying in QNC 1502 on Thurs... you're cute. Hi.

Updated on Thursday, April 9, 2015


To the guy who sang "Carry On" last night at the UM concert, I think I'm in love. P.S. I wish I could play guitar too :P


To the first girl that sang at the minors eot: you're adorable awkward and sing like an angel. hope to see you around ;)


To the girl with the brown curly hair who sang all about that bass, smelly cat, and that cool piano box song at the Unacompanied Minors concert. You're both here, there and all the where's in between. You were even in my dreams. That's what prompted this post. Don't think this is a hoax, I just want to boast about you. I suck at poetry. Goats in a tap shoe. Sing to me.


To the tall boy on the 7F at 8am Thursday, with the yellow rims on your glasses; holy shit, you are absolutely gorgeous!! I'm really sorry I was too shy to talk to you... I was working up my courage before the three Laurier people got on... I hope to see you around though! You have excellent style and a picturesque profile.. Keep dropping jaws! - the girl in the green jacket who got on at the same stop


MISSED CONNECTION: To a girl named n in EB I wish I had the chance to meet you. Too bad we are both graduating.

-your secret admirer


MISSED CONNECTION: We keep smiling and waving at each other at really inconvenient times (I always have headphones on and you always look busy) but I'll forgo the headphones for the next few weeks to see if I can squeeze in a talk with you because I really want to get to know you better!

- Trying not to make this a missed connection.


MISSED CONNECTION: The girl who rides the 29
You get on the stop just after mine.
Your purple hair has such a shine
And damn, that ass is quite divine.

My way with words is not that great,
To talk to you, it is too late.
I always seem to procrastinate.
Too bad I have to graduate.

Updated on Wednesday, April 8, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION:To the face in the mirror: you looked absolutely beautiful on every single day of the past years. Stay beautiful, inside and out.


To the brown girl sitting in the SAF lounge across from the guy in the grey sweater, you're super cute and i'd love to get to know you better ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who won a sweater at the Water Boys EoT
You're really cute, and I thought it was really cute when you tripped on the way back to your seat. 


MISSED CONNECTION: To the 4th year girl in ERS with wrist problems - your red hair flows like the fiery passion I feel for you in my heart. Your eyes pierce the very fabric of my soul. I wish I could muster up the courage to talk to such a fine classy woman such yourself.


Your mystery Prince Charming

Updated on Tuesday, April 7, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl in my ECE class, i wish you existed LOL


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brunette girl with the green army Jacket in Evolution (biol 359) and curly/wavy hair...wanted to talk to you all semester!

I wish I could talk to you and know your name, but I'm really shy :(


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in 1B tron, i wish i got to know you better this term... here's to next term! - a girl in your class :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who waved at me while i was working at the SLC, i recognized you but i forgot your name :/ let's fix that

-Guy with the beard


MISSED CONNECTION: To the blonde lady who studied with a (male) friend in MC and left around 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday, February 24. I think you brought a Mac laptop (not sure which kind of laptop since all I saw was your beauty), blue backpack, white sweater, green coat (I think), Red maple Canadian gloves( I think) . You are the most beautiful and amazing lady I have seen and I so regret that I didn’t come to talk to you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute mexican with a dress shirt and sweater, I should have asked for your number.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the super cute asian boy with the floppy hair at the waterboys concert last night... I'M A BELIEVER. Please be single... (and straight)!

Updated on Friday, April 3, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: Guy wearing black hat in evolution: I keep trying to sit next to you and start a conversation but I haven't succeeded. Now classes are going to be over :/


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who works in my building for coop. i wasn't sure if you went to Waterloo until I saw you at the acapella EOT concert. Really hope that guy who slept on your shoulder isn't your boyfriend.
Coffee after work sometime?

-Fellow co-op girl at TD.


To the girl who found my phone at last bomber. You were very pretty and I wish I got more than just your name.


To the girl who found my phone at last bomber. You were very pretty and I wish I got more than just your name.


To the awsomly good girl that I met this summer. Apparently it was so good to be true to have such a friend that you. I m so sad and i would like to say that i will always like u


Oh my good i went to thegrad house and i asked the name of two singers who where amazing and i didn t ask their number. I hope they will follow up cuz there Were so nice Rhea and Eva.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who sat next to me on the bus to TO last weekend,

I'm an idiot who's bad at faces, and only realized you'd been the cutie making me super nervous when I'd been trying to give a presentation the week before.

-Not unfriendly, just shy and bad at speaking

Updated on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute asian girl in the CS240 tutorial who stayed back to ask a question this Monday.

You held the door open for me when we left. I was going to ask if you wanted to work together on the last assignment, but realized I have no idea what I'm doing in that class and hesitated. You put on your hat and left before I recovered.

I regret not talking to you, and tutorials are over. Woops. Doing the assignment now though, I was totally right.

- Redhead guy with glasses.


To the hella cute asian boy who plugged my charger in SLC 2nd Floor Silent Study, holla at me!! I couldn't stop looking at you


Girl in group 1 of the poster presentation today (tuesday) with the green shirt. I think your name started with an S. I think you are really cute, and if you are on campus for the spring I want to take you out for dinner.