OMG UPDATE: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but write a missed connection and submit it maybe?

Updated on Tuesday, March 3, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy at the CIF gym who wears a sleeveless shirt that says "HUNGARY" and has a picture of a soccer ball below it. Smile more, you have a blonde Gerard Butler thing going on and kinda mixed with Liam Hemsworth. Kinda. Smile!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy at the gym I see every Saturday and Monday - short dark hair, glasses, reaallly nice beard - are you perfect, or are you perfect? Hot as all hell, in shape, still in the gym all the time. I don't know if you've noticed, but there are a group of girls by the treadmills who stare and talk about you every time you're there together. One of them came over and "asked for help" on how to squat, and you were so polite and courteous, funny, charming... There's no way you're single. If by some miracle you are, maybe I should come ask for help too.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute blonde guy that was working at the SCH Tim Hortons, if only you had of had a name tag


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with that curly head of hair at the cricket game this weekend: your smile is gorgeous so smile more and be single. Sincerely, all the girls swooning at the sidelines


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown little cutie with the awesome red hair and the bright mint green jacket. You make my day every time I see you. You look cute and intimidating all at the same time! Stay awesome! 

- the guy who in awe of you :)


MISSED CONNECTION: Proctor for my stat 443 midterm. You are extremely hot and we made eye contact a couple of times during the exam. I was one of the few white girls in the class. I really wanted to ask if you wanted to get coffee later but it felt awkward to do that as you were picking up the midterms :P hope to see you around!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian girl who comes in to the V1 caf from time to time. You always wear really heavy eye makeup (talking black all over the lid). The one time you came in a couple weeks ago, your eye makeup was easy on the liner, almost nonexistent eye shadow, and you looked GORGEOUS. I want to tell you that in person, but you always dash off. So I'm going on here hoping you see this.

~ From a fellow girl who enjoys makeup (and has trouble getting perfect liner xD)

Updated on Monday, March 2, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: You were the "bottomless pit" at alumni dinner and so happened to be the cutest in the room. Sadly we didn't get a chance to talk and not sure if you play for the other team. Coffee sometime?


MISSED CONNECTION: Shout out to the asian guy who works at the turnkey desk, yous a cutie


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy at the Feds store, 
Give me one good riesen why I can't eat more than 6
- the breakfast of champions


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in the red and black plaid shirt that tried to dance with my good friend and then me later that night at Beta on Saturday (March 1st)... We both left quickly saying we needed to get water or had to go to the washroom. Please wear deodorant next time


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in a striped scarf, talking to his friends about how he's learning urdu and Arabic, in front of SCH, Friday evening 5:30 pm. I would have loved to talk to you in both if only you lingered for some time , brah.


MISSED CONNECTION: The guy wearing an orange jacket aboard 202 bus on Wednesday 25th,approx. around 11:45 am, who got off at University/Weber. Damn, you fine.

Updated on Thursday, February 26, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with the brightly coloured hair and the funky bag.
I'm pretty sure I'm the person you made a post about...
(The alternative guy in AL last semester) I would also love to get to know you better and have been hoping to say hi. Hopefully I see you around soon.


To the tall guy who lent a hand after my bag broke outside MC, thanks for stopping to help! I wish we could have talked longer. You look cute in that visor hat :)


To the girl in TC 2201 call center at 11:30, our eye-contact was far too long for coincidence. Short, with long brown hair; you're stunning.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl at the gym wearing a black shirt that said badminton on it ...are you single? cause im ready to mingle. you are cayuuuuteee

the guy that was on the treadmill near you

Updated on Wednesday, February 25, 2015


For the blonde girl study with friend in MC and left around 5:40 pm Tuesday 24 Feb


To the guy who slipped going into M3, nice recovery, your head had a missed connection with the floor.


DP Library and the heating system...missed connection. Cold as hell in here.


MISSED CONNECTION: Adidas tracksuit guy @ atrium. I like the sweater today. You're awkwardly attractive. Hoping that blonde isn't your gf ;)

Updated on Tuesday, February 24, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: Peckham's HRM 200 class last term had some of the most incredibly good looking people I have ever seen at uwaterloo. Miss seeing y'all every Wednesday, wishing I had guts to make more friends then.


MISSED CONNECTION: I asked a TA out for coffee... Not doing that again... *2014* Missed Connection


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl @ atrium arguing with her group mate. You're cute when you're angry ;P
- guy who laughed at you


MISSED CONNECTION: To the super chill dude wearing a blue shirt that I met in the DP elevator on Monday around more! Your smile literally lite up my day!


MISSED CONNECTION: Hey you lovely girl in the green scarf on the 13 with the packet of toilet paper. You're really cute.

Updated on Sunday, February 22, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: Analysts, stand back and consider how awesome and cute the Lebesgue professor is this semester. She teaches well and is super nice. I hope she gets tenure.
-A LIFA-struck student


MISSED CONNECTION: Cute guy doing squats on Friday evening.. I wish you said hi. That scruff really suits you

-Girl who looked away as soon as our eyes locked

Updated on Tuesday, February 17, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: For the red hair girl waching Worldcup match last summer Ghana vs Germany at SLC. You wear skirt and sit near the end and have a drink (maybe Tim Hourton). I was too shy to come to you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall asian guy with blue shoes, you could bounce a quarter off that booty.

- Girl who wishes her butt was as nice as yours


To blonde girl at STAT 231, I can't get rid of you in my mind. I think of you all day


I met a girl at the stoplight party at bomber and she had a little bit of green hair dyed and looked just like the friend she was with I just got her name but I'm still thinking about her
I hope I see you on campus

Updated on Friday, February 13, 2015


Super pretty Asian girl who wore black open back tank top at Bomber, you are an AMAZING dancer. I wish you wore green


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who sat next to me on the Go today, thanks for chatting with me! Wish the bus ride was longer so we could have continued our "nerdy" conversations. I should have asked for your contact, but I hope to see you around sometime! :)

-the girl who (you said) has the same name as the character from fairy tail


Guy in my Genetics tutorial with blonde hair... If I were an enzyme, I'd be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes.


To the cute brown girl selling candy in SCH for Because I am a Girl. You are amazingly pretty. I came back twice, hoping you would be there, but I didn't see you. I wish I had talked to you the first time...


MISSED CONNECTION: To the group of students singing in SLC Cafe area by the windows, especially the girl with the beanie:

You guys are great, made for a nice study break listening to you guys!

- Girl in the stripes


MISSED CONNECTION: I get the feeling that the lady sitting with her friend behind me in the SLC on Wednesday around 2.20 pm was trying to catch my eye. Our eyes locked once or twice, but I was in a hurry to pack up and get to class.

PS. I also get the feeling that you were in the midst of an "interesting" conversation with your friend when our eyes met...


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Asian guy seen roaming around Eng 5 and SCH with black and blond hair... You are soooo cute. See you on Friday. 

Updated on Tuesday, February 10, 2015


To the brown girl at IRS who hurt her knee. I hope you are okay now. You looked hot even with a hurt leg. Maybe we can meet sometime. Gradball?


To the short brown girl, dressed in black with a grey scarf: I saw you walking out of DC and my heart stopped. Wish I said something :-(


To the hot asian girl in the maroon hat in biol 373, oh the things I'd like to do to that body.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy that helped me out when my laces got caught and I tripped in SLC, thank you very much!
That was very nice of you!

-clumsy girl with her laces caught in the her boots


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who was doing flips in the gym after my game, I just want to say you are beautiful.

- the guy who couldn't keep his eyes off you while packing up his stuff.

Updated on Sunday, February 8, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the gorgeous girl who sat across from me on the 7D with the rockin scarf. (5:20 pm)
We glanced at each other a bunch of times. Would've said hi if your friend wasn't talking to you!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the engineer who I slept with Saturday night, I'm really glad I helped you celebrate your iron ring ceremony but that was horrible. It's a good thing you've got brains.

-Girl who had to go home and finish the job herself.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who moderated the LS job panel, thanks for doing a great job. you're a cutie pie.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall brown girl collecting battle souvenirs at IRS.
You being there to rip my clothes off made my night! You're a stunning beauty. Why haven't I met you before we graduated?!

Guy who doesn't mind being stripped if its by you


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl in the stall next to me in first floor CPH washroom:
I'm glad we both knew what was up and didn't give a shit. Well... I mean... yea.
10/10 would poop next to you again.


MISSED CONNECTION: All the Microsoft SE co-ops this term: you're all cayute