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Updated on Thursday, February 4, 2016



To the red head at the gym with her hair in a scrunchie... nice ass. Love watching you squat



To the cute Asian working at campus bubble, you seem shy but sweet. Chat with me more when I am there. - bbt frequent flyer



To the tall blonde Masters student in EV1. I pass by you almost everyday and we exchange smiles. I wish you would stop and talk. -shy white girl



To the cute white girl in my GIS class. I see you in the lab a lot, drinking tea or coffee. You are very cute and I wish I had the courage to talk to you.



To the white curly haired tour guide who was working Tuesday morning. You sound very well spoken, I would like to take you out for coffee sometime. - guy walking behind your group for awhile



Asian girl with a tattoo on the back of her elbow at CIF: you're really cute. I wish we could workout together.



To the pretty girls who I kept on glancing at during math lectures, I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable and objectified.



To the asshole that I almost ran over on Columbia and hagey:
Your light was fucking red! Don't cross the road when it's red! We are both lucky nothing happened! Fuck you! DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD WHEN YOUR LIGHT IS RED! 

(Just to be clear, I was driving straight on a green light)

Updated on Tuesday, February 2, 2016



To whoever found my Watcard and license and turned it into Campus Police last Thursday night, I wanted to say, "Thank you!" but didn't have your contact information. <3



To the (really) tall blond boquncer at Bomber on trivia Thursday: you are so hot and have such a great smile, enjoy your semester!

One of the girls oogling you all night



To the cute ginger PhD student I went on a tinder date with last year to My Thai (i think your name was Steve), I am sorry we didn't go out again, it was bad timing for me :( I hope to see you again.


To the small white or half-asian girl with the Hello Kitty backpack that got Timmies at SCH last week. You're real cute, eh



To the ridiculously good looking brown girl at PAC gym this Thursday who threw up... bless you.. dont give up! hope to see you again

Updated on Friday, January 29, 2016



To the little indian girl with the nicest red coat and the tall beige boots. You're flawless and your smile took my breath away 

blonde guy on the 202

Updated on Thursday, January 28, 2016



cute crt boy. damn.. i hope youre around cif if i need help..

Updated on Wednesday, January 27, 2016



To the guy and girl bartender at last Bomber Wednesday, you guys were hilarious! 
Ps your mustache is cool and to the girl you're super hot. 

-the guys with the cool shirts

Updated on Thursday, January 21, 2016



Cute asian girl at CIF, you were on the bench and me and my friend were drawn in by your vibrant pink top. And our triceps touched.

If you see me at bomber tonight Ill buy you a shot

Updated on Wednesday, January 20, 2016



to that one guy who people keep on saying we are look alike, yeah you, i have a crush on you. you're cute when you smile and you sounds adorable when speaking. but you've a girlfriend, a pretty one too so guess there's no chance for me anymore.

MOD'S NOTE: It's probably for the best --- you may be long lost siblings.



To the cute girl working at DC computer help desk by the entrance (Mon Jan 18th)
Instead of coming to DC everyday wishing you’re working, I wish I knew your schedule so that I visit DC only when you’re working to see your beautiful smile when I walk in.
- Asian guy with red beats earphone.



To the guy with dirty blonde/light brown hair with a beard in EARTH 122. 
You've caught my eye these past couple lectures. We both sit alone in class, maybe we should try sitting together? Hope you enjoyed your salad today! 

- short brunette sitting alone in the middle of the lecture hall.



To the girl I met years ago during orientation, where are you?



The girl walking to the bathroom in DWE at 8:30am today (December 19th), didn't know girls like you existed at uw.



to the tron boy at bomber who left with me, why you playing?



To the girl who has neglected her supposedly "good friend" after getting a boyfriend. We've been though a lot together and I know you've been through a lot personally but honestly ever since you've met your damn boyfriend I haven't heard or seen you since. Everything we used to do together and everything we used to talk about you just do with your new boyfriend. I know it may seem like I'm coming off as jealous but I honestly just want my friend back. You've told me your really busy with things but if you still have time for your boyfriend why not for a friend. I'm tired of always being the one to reach out and always the one to start the conversations. Hope your happy now.

Updated on Monday, January 18, 2016



To Jessica from the go bus from sq1 on Sunday night. You have the loveliest smile, I kept talking to you to see it.



to the girl that's always at PAC with the long braid and lifts like a champion: sorry for staring, you just seem super cool and super impressive. my number one girl crush 

- from the short girl who dropped a bar on her foot LOL (pls be my friend n teach me how to be so strong)



The (asian?) bouncer that was breakdancing at bomber....why don't you dance with me?



The guy who said my hair reminded him of curly fries, sorry I got a bit weird-ed out in my sleepless, daffiness deprived state. Can we be friends? 

-Girl with hair like curly fries.

Updated on Wednesday, January 13, 2016


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute boy in psych 257 (Pamela Seeds) in the army green jacket, probably Korean. Sorry if you noticed me staring every 5 seconds. Somehow i still took pretty good notes. hmu


MISSED CONNECTION: To the mathie girl who made beautiful smile near the MC comfy (at 3:30pm on Monday) to the CS guy coming from QNC: I know you are exceptional and cute girl in the faculty, and I would like to thank you for the smile that made my day after that.

Updated on Monday, January 11, 2016



Saturday @ CIF: Blonde girl with pink shoes. Such a cutie



To the girl who "reserved" a seat for her friend in a packed af lecture

fuck you

Updated on Tuesday, January 5, 2016



Male barista in a blue (denim?) button up and glasses at Sweet Dreams tonight; my orange creamsicle bbt was blessed and you were a qt :) 

I got a smiley face on my food, but would have preferred your number! Sorry i was too awkward and just left instead of saying hi!

Updated on Monday, January 4, 2016



To the guy who would always ask that one girl to move in in HIST 223. I sat behind you guys for most of the year. You 2 would have been cute together



To the cute tall blonde guy who hangs out at DP, usually with a library book on poetry, who has a blue road bike, you're amazing.

Updated on Monday, December 21, 2015



Really elegant girl in the red jacket on the 202 Saturday evening, you (and your 2 friends) got off at Auburn, I'd be happy to treat you to coffee or bubble tea :)



To the guy in the Australian bush hat I saw on the 200 a couple times in November, and outside DP in early December, hope I see you again. Love your style.



To the extremely hot brown guy in my BIOL 309 tutorial. You are the only reason I went to class and the tutorials. I hope you do well in your exam!! I wish we have more classes together next term. I hope i can finally gather the courage to come and talk to you someday.



Dec 18 CIF ~9:30-10:00pm, to the guy that came over and did the flag, you're cute!

Updated on Friday, December 18, 2015



It's been 1.5 years since I last saw you, sometimes I wonder if I ever cross your mind. I don't even know if you even go on this site but secretly hoping you do, so you can see this. We are both done undergrad now and I am sure you will be moving far and pursuing great things, maybe one day our paths will cross again but for now this is the last time I will let the thought of you seep into my mind. I have to stop because there's a part of me that knows that you have forgotten about me a long time ago, and you knew that that day in August last year was the last time we would see each other again. I hoped that we could see each other at least once this semester but I guess fate has different plans for us. I remember trying to talk to you again about a year ago after but it was clear you wanted nothing to do with me. So, I guess this will be the last time I say goodbye.



To the very attractive guy at Chainsaw Comedy night who kept making brief eye contact with me. Why were you on your phone the whole time? The comedy act was great.
Also, guy here, and I do think you were incredibly attractive.



To the girl at DC library desk. Thanks for helping me scan those ancient books

Updated on Wednesday, December 16, 2015



To the guys who yelled "you're cute" or "you're hot" at me as I was walking east on university - I couldn't really hear you because my headphones were in but thank you :) It made me smile



To the guy who is often found dressed in full army print clothing. Who are you. Reveal yourself to me. Highly intrigued by your existence and incredibly captivated by the vibes you give off.

Updated on Monday, December 14, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the French( I'm assuming?) girl in Hist-223 lecture. I'm the weird guy who asked you a question on that rainy day after class. I'm sorry if I caught you off guard and hopefully you are laughing hysterically at the extreme level of awkwardness that ensued the way I am right now. Haha please?

Sincerely, Stan Smith shoes


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who asked me to dance at Night School:
I don't think I'm pretty, so you made my night. Sorry I said no thanks- it was my first time at a club and I was flustered. Asian girl


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl with the short brown hair and glasses who works the DC desk tonight (Dec 12), you're beautiful. So beautiful.

Hope you like girls?


To the brunette girl I work with. I wish I am brave enough to ask you for a date, but our shifts are always following each other. I love your smile and you are so funny.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the fellow UW student on the Greyhound to Ottawa (12 Dec), you are so attractive. Omg I could not stop staring at your face and arms the whole ride.


To the guy with long hair who is often around the 3rd floor of MC, you're pretty cute!