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Updated on Tuesday, April 22, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy I have always been seeing around all 4 years (even outside Waterloo):I always wanted to say hi... but obviously I never did so. That day, at PAC, we looked into each others' eyes, so I bet you recognized me.
Not sure when I will see you again, but I just want you to know that you have a really nice smile; and your smile totally makes my day :')


To the asian guy studying at DC sunday night, just wanted to say I thought you were really cute. I liked your ovo crewneck and I wanted to ask you where you got it from but you were gone by the time I left. Hope to see you around sometime :) - from the brown girl sitting near you


MISSED CONNECTION: To the proctor wearing the blue Apple shirt in BIOL 359. I think you're kind of cute. I wish you came over to my area more often.


MISSED CONNECTION: April 20th 2014
To the little asian girl playing 2048 in SLC
you should be studying but your attempt to win is very cute

-From the tall asian boy with glasses


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with glasses who made eye contact with me in EV3 after getting off the elevator, and then turned back before you reached your class to look at me again. Was that a pass at me? I mean I don't know if you only looked back cause I had a very delicious looking sandwich in my hand, or maybe you found me more appealing than the BLT You were very attractive and my gaydar's sht, I'd really want to know if that was a thing.
- confused guy with the sandwich


MISSED CONNECTION: To the PMATH 365 final: You were a beauty at first. All the right curves, all your smooth contours, I was in love! I envisioned you sprawled, unbounded on a field, looking like an angle with the way the light hit you tangent to each point. But then your discontinuities started showing. I realized you weren't the locally Euclidean amazement I first though you to be.

Well, thanks to you, I feel a critical point where my heart used to be, ripping it straight from my body so I was naught but homeomorphic to a standard torus! O travesty!


To the SOC 228 TA, you are smoking hot and I feel like we really hit it off during the exam. I hope I failed that class so I can see you again next semester ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who asked me what the exam was out of after a psych final in PAC. I think I mumbled something incomprehensible because of how stunned I was. You are beautiful, and I hope you did well on that exam.

-- guy who was sitting in front of you.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who I met in the beginning of this winter term and had a huge crush on from the beginning, but the crush started to develop into something more, and I like you now. The feelings started a few weeks ago, but I was so confused. I was confused and frustrated as our interactions increased because I thought you were still dating. But then I found out you broke up with your gf, and I was like 'oh'. Then I didn't know what to do.
Someone else I knew happened to be going through the same thing I was. After a few days, I've figured out who was making that someone else feel that way. And it was you, too. I felt even worse when I found this out. But on the same day, I also admitted to myself that I liked you, after going through much thinking.

But then, you f*cked up. And I never thought you would be like that. So, f u. Cause I'm moving on.

The happiness was great while it lasted.

Updated on Friday, April 18, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute Korean girl in DC library who watched my stuff for me.. you left your black umbrella by your seat. If you somehow end up seeing this message, you can inbox Spotted at uWaterloo (on facebook) and I will give them consent for them to exchange my contact info so that I can return this to you. No I'm not trying anything, I know you have a boyfriend. It's just my way of saying thanks.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the red head in an exam I proctored. I feel like I have inappropriately flirted with you, but damn, it felt good. Hope to see you around :)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall emo Asian boy with headphones around his neck in E5, you look like a great fucker ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy I got close to this term, I wish we had gotten to know each other earlier. You're a sweet, funny and intelligent guy. I'm going to miss you so much when you leave Waterloo, knowing that we'll probably never see each other again but I'm happy that you have a job lined up after graduation. Wish you all the best!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy/girl who returned my wallet at DP (pink/purple long danier) that had over a hundred bucks in it, thank you for not stealing it - I had my watcard and SIM card in there.



MISSED CONNECTION: We went on a double first date, but you were with my roommate. You are in the same program as me, although a couple years behind we have the same co-op terms. I hope to see your beautiful face in the lab this summer and ask you out for drinks. Hopefully we can go on more dates than the two you had with my roommate.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who never gave me a chance to be more than a summer fling,

Thank you, because of you I've learned to value myself more. I was devastated when you didn't want to continue what we had over that summer. I spiralled downhill, and turned into the same person that hurt me by hurting others. Thankfully, I unexpectedly got swept off my feet by someone. I'm happy in my relationship now. I still think about you and the time we shared, but more of in a way of looking back to how stupid and naive i was. I'm graduating so I won't be seeing you around campus. Good luck with school and everything.


MISSED CONNECTION: To my best friends, I love you more than I love anyone else in my life. You know me better than my family and I trust you with absolutely everything. You're so wonderful to be around, and I couldn't be any happier with you than with anyone else.
Sometimes things get complicated, but those are what fuel our friendships. Thank you especially for accepting me through everything unconditionally. This is why I love you so much.
Keep on being the most amazing, spectacular friends in the world.
- Neoliberalism


MISSED CONNECTION: This is to the beautiful, tall, dark, and handsome man on the hockey team. I saw you yesterday at CIF, and my heart just melted. You're simply too sexy.

Updated on Tuesday, April 15, 2014


To the girl I'm friends with who recently got her heart broken by some guy who never gave two damns about you. I guess we're in the same boat except I just feel led on in this long distance relationship of mine. All I want to say is you're a sweetheart, you are genuinely the most down to earth person I've ever met, you're spontaneous, beautiful, capable and eccentric. I wish for your future boyfriend to give you everything you need. I wish for good timing and commitment in your favour.. along with clarity and undivided attention. I will always be there for you. Keep your head up and I will as well.. There is too much good to come of your life to hide that beautiful smile of yours.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute book reading girl with short brown hair in the DP café.

The wind today was as strong as a gale, but it was your beauty that blew me away. You caught me stealing a glance, and I smiled, maybe, I don't remember. I thought the French guy was your boyfriend which bummed me out, but it was too late when I realized he was not. I wish I would have said Hi.

Sincerely, book reading boy.


To the gorgeous boy from my class that's graduating this term, I'm glad I finally got to know you a bit more after 4 yrs, I'll miss you. GL on everything!


To the exam I wrote today, I hope this remains a missed connection and I never meet you again. Signed, a burned out student just looking forward to summer.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who lives at the old Lester building, top floor. I think you should know that your room can be seen through at night. Yes, we've seen you walk around naked (not that we're complaining). Yes, we've seen you and your friend kiss (?) the window. And yes we've seen you fix your hair/check yourself out/whatever you were doing using the window yesterday. ALL SEMESTER LONG. It's been getting a little too much recently but you're our favorite night time show now. No it's not creepy at all. Keep doing it, we like it.

- The girls who live in the house right across you

P.S. we were just kidding, come say hi


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall brunette with the big Sony headphones that has been frequenting Fulcrum lab, keep up the good work.


To the stressed white with light hair and black or red scarf I always see at dc comps. Don't be so worried! Let me get your next timmies?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the clown that wears gold tights,

Could you please come back to campus? You really make my day :) You need a fan page!

- Mathie you followed


MISSED CONNECTION: To the redhead on the 12, Sunday afternoon:

Your purse fell on my foot and I had absolutely no idea what to do so I apologized. You're cute!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute brown girl in the engineering lab with the tall brown boots with, I wish you'd take off your headphones and just look once to your left.
From the asian guy in a plaid shirt.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who I've been messaging alot lately. I hope your getting the hint. Although I don't know how you feel about it. At least I tried I guess.. Hope to hear from you soon.

Doge 2048


MISSED CONNECTION: To whoever put that uplifting letter around DC in an envelope saying Read Me, thank you! It made my day and I'm sure it will make the day of whoever else reads them.

I love my school.


Cute asian girl that studies in e2 lab often...wish I had the guts to approach you and talk to you. You seem like a nice girl to get to know


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl wearing a black zip hoodie with a white shirt underneath and the died blonde hair, You are so pretty I really wanted to talk to you.  - Guy with grey sweater and the baseball hat

Updated on Friday, April 11, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the sexy guy who's always around the 3rd floor of E5 (I'm guessing you're in Mechatronics) yea well.. You're a sexy piece of ass!


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute skinny brown girl with glasses and a nose piercing who is usually studying in the SLC silent study area. You remind me of my first crush.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute brown guy with the bright orange jacket, I see you often in the V1 caf, nice smile ;)


To the TA for CS476, I want your lip ring in my mouth ;)


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who I got close to last semester. Sorry for the disappearing act but I just can't be around you. I like you too much and you don't have feelings for me. I know you are wondering what happened and why you haven't seen me around. It hurts to be friend zoned people :( .


MISSED CONNECTION: I've been thinking about you ever since the first time you came in to my work. You're an upper year in Environment. Even thought I'm kind of "with" an ex right now I can't get you off my mind.. I hope our paths cross again..


MISSED CONNECTION: L, we met at such a bad time! I was in the dumps cuz of some stupid baggage so our interactions always just fizzled.

Anyhow, you've got a really endearing personality and a sweet voice too. I wish we'd gotten to know each other better before you leave for that sunny place!

P.S. I'd love to visit P in the future.


MISSED CONNECTION: April 9th, DC Timmies at around 3:30pm.

You: Asian girl with light purple hair
Me: Black jacket eating a Cesar wrap in the Timmies line

I just wanted to say I really like your hair. It was really cute


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy wearing tan pants with red shoes tied to his backpack riding the 12 towards UW around 11:30 Tuesday morn, you are super cute!

- awkward multicoloured hair girl


MISSED CONNECTION: Asian girl with blue hair at DP Wednesday night around 9:30, you are gorgeous. I dig that Ramona Flowers look. Wish I didn't have to bus home, or I would have bothered you.

Updated on Wednesday, April 9, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who broke my best friend's heart four times this year, your face should be very thankful that ours is a missed connection.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl wearing a white jacket in the SLC Tim's around 9:30 Wednesday morning: lets get a coffee sometime?

- guy in the v neck


MISSED CONNECTION: I'm completely in love with this girl who I had several classes with. She's gorgeous, funny, kind, and so intelligent. And she has some kick ass tattoos. I don't know what I'll do after you graduate next term.


MISSED CONNECTION: Saw you waiting at the Seagram 202/29 stop toward university on tuesday at 5:42.

You've got to be one of the prettiest brunettes I've seen here in all my 4 years.

Not a missed connection, just a compliment.


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute girl who was working at Pita pit on Monday at around 6: You have a really pretty set of eyes, and a cute smile too :)
- Mr. "First day at work"


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute asian guy in engineering that puts on a blue jacket and wears glasses, you are cute, can we have coffee sometime?


MISSED CONNECTION: To the soloist for It's a Beautiful Day at the a cappella concert, I would love to get to know you

Updated on Tuesday, April 8, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Engineering woman, born in South America but moved around. You gave me your number and I never texted you. I had just gotten out of a thing with someone else, and I guess I had to prove something to myself by making out random people at parties. Problem was, you were actually cool, and I was just a sleazebag.

Still wish I could have done better by you.