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Updated on Thursday, March 14, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy I met earlier today (Wednesday) at about 7pm as we got off the same bus on King Street. I was with my friends and we were going out for a birthday dinner, and then you walked up to me and asked if I wanted to go and see a movie sometime as you work in the cinema! I was really taken aback by your boldness (in a good way) so didn't know what to say. Hence the vague "errr..maybe?!" response - sorry about that! Awkward Britishness kicked in.
I was distracted by being with my friends and surprised by you just walking up and talking to me. I probably should have asked for your name or something!
Anyway, just wanted to say it was great that you were bold and just spoke to me, if more people had the guts to do that there would be far fewer missed connections on here. Sorry again for my terrible lack of words and general shock/horror.
From the English girl with pink hair.
Please see this page to "Take a quick trip inside the terrifying world of the British psyche".



  2. OP, are you in INDEV?

  3. OP here!

    #1 - oh good, lots of Canadians think I'm Australian so I'm glad I've made myself clear here ;)

    #2 - yes!