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Updated on Sunday, March 17, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: I think this was Tuesday. You were walking up the stairs in MC with a friend and almost stopped at the 4th floor instead of the floor you wanted and still held the door open for me. I thought you were cute and I wanted to say something but it seemed like we were both in a rush to get to class. I probably said something stupid while distracted by your stunning looks.

The blonde guy with class on the 4th floor


  1. People with class don't normally tell other people they have class...

  2. @2 - You are retarded.

  3. This is op, not sure why but my previous comment didn't post. You were blonde, going up past the 4th floor. I'm not sure what your friends looked like because you were too distracting. I think she had brown or black hair. I was wearing a black jacket, red shoes.