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Updated on Sunday, March 17, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the pretty girl in blue last night at the cultural caravan. You rock! Amazing performance by you and your team. maybe we can grab bubble tea someyime? :)


  1. there were sooo many girls wearing blue LOL which club was she from?

  2. OP here.
    It was south asian dance crew. It may have been the Indian or Pakistani club

  3. bro if she was Indian you can see her awesome dance crew perform here :D

    hells yeah UWIC! you guys killed it !

  4. I have a feeling this might be my friend.

    Is she in this video? There are quite a few pretty girls wearing blue in this one. Check it out !

  5. Hell naww, ^ you both got it wrong. I bet she was from this video

  6. ^ If only your video quality was better, i'd be able to tell .