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Updated on Sunday, March 17, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: You're tallish and gorgeous, with straight black hair, blue skinny jeans frayed down the front, and black jacket. You were talking with two dudes in Cheeses Murphy after the Darude concert on Saturday night.

I'm the guy with the blue striped tee, black leather jacket, black high–tops, and Mad Men hair, whose heart skipped a beat every time you looked his way.

I'm not usually one to hesitate in these situations, but every time we locked eyes I just couldn't find my words. Maybe I'll see you around again some day.


  1. HaKuNa MaTaTa!

    It means no worries...

  2. Wow I never expected to be in one of these. Are you the tall white guy? I think you were with a few of your guy friends, right? You caught my eye too :)

  3. well that escalated quickly

  4. Yes, I'm the tall white guy who was with a couple guy friends :).

    Email me?

  5. im sorrrrrry I was actually just fucking with you. I know I'm bad. It's just that I can always tell who you are based on your writing, and I can't help myself. Im an asshole

  6. "Mad Men hair"? Is that what idiots actually call that hairstyle now?

    If you don't want to look like a total tool when you stop by your barber next time- it's actually called an "Ivy League".