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Updated on Sunday, March 24, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the cute guy on Team China wearing the red hat for the b-boy dancing competition on march 23rd, you probably have a girlfriend, but I really wish I can get to know you. Oh, plus your dancing skills are just out of this world!

-Your non-asian in purple ^_^


  1. I hope saying "non-asian girl" is mocking all the asian who describe themselves in MC's as being asian, like that narrows it down so much.

    hope you were clever enough for that.

  2. Smartass, its not mocking don't be so damn sensitive. And thats as narrowed as it gets its my MC not frikkin yours. @1 think before you speak jackass.

  3. The person you're trying to describe is Puzzles from Supernaturalz Canada... and he's dating a model. Good luck.