OMG UPDATE: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but write a missed connection and submit it maybe?

Updated on Sunday, March 31, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the FSA guy who I keep flirting with, I know you have a girlfriend, but just leave her already. Shes no good for you


  1. OP,

    Stop trying.
    We will fucking cut you down.

  2. I wonder... Fraternities and Sororities Affairs, or Filipino Student Association

  3. I'm guessing the Filipino Student Association? Only because I have a few members on facebook and they're absolutely losing their shit over this post (see comment #1). But then again, if it's actually for the other one it would be funny as hell.

  4. The person who posted comment 1 has no affiliation with the club. Which ever FSA may be involved. We do not condone violence or physical confrontation.

  5. @4: Oh really? I'm not sure which club you're a member of but there is currently a ~50 comment thread on my facebook newsfeed from members of the latter organization full of enraged comments and threats (albeit empty ones I'm sure) of violence. And there's a member of that group taking credit for #1.

    Oh, and this OMGUW MC post has been screen capped and posted onto the Filipino Student Association page, hence where the comments are all being made from. So I think it's safe to say which FSA this is about.

    If you're an exec of this club you may want to teach your members that they're doing a poor job representing this club.

  6. And they (the responsible FSA) took down the screen cap and comments. Looks like they know they were wrong.

  7. #1 here:

    I apologize for my post.
    I shouldn't have associated myself with the club
    Post was immature of me

    - to OP tough, just leave them alone, they're happy together.

  8. Hi OP,
    I am the one who posted the print screen of the MC you made, I am not hiding in any anonymous posts so here i am, doing what i think is right and i publicly apologized for posting the print screen of the MC. But hey anyone could have done that especially anyone from our group only because you (OP) associated our name on it (FSA) even if it's the other club who would know, dear i ask? so i've done what i thought was right and now i also ask you to do the right thing. please have some humility and stop trying to break up a relationship, that is just not right and if you know that someone is in a relationship stop "flirting" with the individual, it's the moral thing to do and you probably know it. BTW you should know that i made no threats towards anyone whatsoever and i am not hiding in anyway.

  9. Is there only one guy in FSA with a girlfriend? Assumptions. Assumptions everywhere.