OMG UPDATE: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but write a missed connection and submit it maybe?

Updated on Sunday, March 31, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: Your turbans and cute outfits have been the highlight of my years here in Waterloo. Wish I had the strength to tell you my true feelings!

 -Boy with the light brown eyes


  1. Wait, is this a boy or a girl?

  2. Oops! You have light brown eyes ;)
    Thats why I admire about you

  3. and to your question, you only show your charm with the ladies.
    So guess! :)

  4. okay! So we know your a girl
    and hey my charm is universal ;)

  5. I know your charms universal, thats what got me interested these years.
    Think Hard!

  6. ps. I hope whoever is responding has a name that starts with an H.

    I just saw you walking out of DC with that cute smile of yours.

  7. what is the first letter of your name not that will narrow it down for

    and first you're too shy to come out and tell him and now you want him to guess.. very interesting

  8. Since you're being so playful and all, ill tell you.
    The first letter of my name is found in the first half of the alphabet.

    You'll know who I am pretty soon. I see you at DC all the time

  9. really now, first half of the alphabet lol
    its a good thing I like funny people

    if you see me all the time how would I know its you? and whats your definition of soon?

  10. You're funny too, that's what's got me hooked.

    I see you, but you never see me since you're always in a rush.

    Soon means soon.

  11. Me in a rush?

    How about this..
    ill be your prince charming - ill wait for you at the top of the stairs. SLC 2nd floor. come find me. 2:30?

  12. Why did I not see this before!
    I'm at home studying away.

    Would you like to go to Bomber with me? Show off your dance moves again, like last time. :)

  13. so come back and study here?

    let meet up outside bomber and see where the night goes

  14. so i was just informed that the previous msg may imply certain things that were not supposed to be implied by myself by sending that msg.

    Please disregard but we can still meet up

  15. I was just going to say, that was very very creepy.

    Now I dont even know if its the person that I like anymore.

    I was just at SLC to come find my prince charming, but once I saw that message, I went to DP to study.

    We'll see how this goes...

  16. im sorry...

    no intention what so ever to creep you out or to imply that because thats not me but I can see how that may not have been said in my

    lets meet up half way right now!? I'm headed to dc to study so ESC?

  17. Okay your forgiven.
    I thought you were there already? Waited 30 minutes...

    Bomber seems very unlikely to me now.but we'll see

  18. thought you would give me a heads up before you came since i waited for a response for about 10 - 15

    when you see this set a time same place, so we avoid any confusion, and I'll see you there
    sound good?

  19. Is someone upset?

    Now I'm as nervous as I was the first time I posted :$

    How was studying :)

  20. as much as love fun and games just a little anxious to see how this turns out lol

    i think my butterflies are bigger than yours right now

    came home to eat, coming back to school now, you?

  21. Butterflies are the best feeling.
    Aww I'm sorry, I'm heading to bed soon, long day.

    What you studying?

  22. are they though? they're just there and theres no cure for them..

    and yea I decided to stay in now too, pjs and access to food :)

    I'm studying zoology.. kill me now
    what were you studying?

  23. Unfortunately no :( there are no cures

    Pjs put me to sleep lol.libraries are too Cold, so I come home and study

    Ouu zooo, sounds tough!
    I just studied everything, started makinG notes for my labs and courses.

  24. you make a good point, but i wasn't feeling too well so pjs and home was the best option...lets see how long i last

    so atleast i now know you're in some type of science program and the first letter of your first name is one of 13 letters... getting closer -_- lol

  25. are you sick :( drink some tea

    Never said I was in science , but good guess.
    study hard

    You are keeping me up with all these posts..
    Ill mssg my prince charming tomorrow :P

    Good night

  26. not sick, just tireddd

    and by good guess do you mean i was right? do i not get any clues here!?

    sounds good, good night :)

  27. Becareful, being tired can lead you to be sick

    You could be right, ill give you clues after

    I couldn't sleep last night due to someones comment about butterflies :$

    Uber tired today.
    Whats your schedule today?

  28. ouuu really digging the spotted turban and the whole outfit!

    Whats the occasion, prince charming :p

  29. Schedules pretty busy today but hopefuLly can find time to figure out who you are... Wanna give me a clue?

    And where did you see me!?
    Ps thanks for the post on umention as well :p

  30. I didnt wannt to leave my apartment.
    Its Christmas all over again.

    I saw you walking, just a glimpse.
    Turbans really unique btw, good choice :)

    Haha, umentioned was another way to get prince charming thinking.

    don't think bombers gonna happen for me tonight :(

  31. I feel ya, my shoes are going to be all messed up :(

    so where did you get a glimpse of me from?

    and its last bomber, you should really go! so if not tonight, then when are we meeting?

    ps. still waiting on my clues....

  32. Why would boots be messed up? Did someone not dress for the weather :p

    Why do you want to meet me so quickly...

    Sorry, what clues? :p

  33. hey hey you said there'd be clues lol

    and I thought after so long you'd want to meet to no? :p

    hows your snow filled day been? and yes i didn't no dress for the weather at all

  34. Clues? Did I?

    Your are the cutest, carrying a yellow bag, totally made my day.

    I'm so tired! Just want to go watch a movie.

    Tsk tsk, don't you look out your window? :p

    Why are you dressed up?

  35. Ill give you a clue.
    We've talked once or twice, and I saw you leaving DC at the other entrance as I was coming from the other side.

    I'm still shy, takes a lot of courage on my side

  36. If we've talked once or twice how and when did we meet at bomber?

    Your clues are horrible!! Lol
    And I know it does take courage but don't be shyy

    And I was dressed up to meet you :p lol
    I had a presentation so had to
    So where do we go from here..

  37. never said i met you at bomber :s

    haha, dressed up to meet me. okay I believe you prince charming

    btw who gave you the idea to even say that line from cinderella story?

    um, lets see how these posts go :)
    how did your presentation end up

  38. But you said something like " you can show your moves off again like last time" when you asked me to go to bomber?

    So if you believe me meet me today then? I don't know when I'll be suiting up next :p

    Presentation went well, thanks for asking
    How was your day?

  39. Never said I met you at bomber lol

    I think you like to dress up, "cute outfits" remember?

    My day has been stressful, A little under the weather :(
    sniffle sniffle

    I think you're annoyed. Im getting a feeling

  40. So then where? Lol

    And yea everydays going to be a little stressful from here in hopefully we get by

    And I do like dressing up so you got me
    And I am a tee bit, just want to know who it is! Lol

  41. Knowing how popular you are, I'm guessing all your friends are tracking all this.

    Exams are fun! Don't worry you will do great.

    I think your annoyed cause you just want to know who it is, and that's it.

    Tell me boy with the light brown eyes aka. Prince charming.

  42. You two need to get each others numbers or private message somewhere or something. As cute as this started out- now it's just kinda weird.

  43. You're right, this is weird but I'm still hoping my prince charming and I will finally get to know each other.

    Light brown eyed boy, match your turban with your socks again. I'm going to take the courage to stop being shy. Meet me at DC tomorrow.

    Uber excited right now.

    Good night

  44. You have a point #43

    I was at SLC yesterday btw, I was studying came to say hi to you when you were leaving, i think?

    I think you were with a girl though, awkwarddddd!

    Heres my email:

    dont worry, thats my middle name, no way am I giving you my first name :p

    This was cute though :)

  45. why is it that you are always just right there but never call out or never actually get to say hi...? lol - so close yet so far

    and when are you free? I'll be at dc studying so give me a time and lets meet

    this was fun, lets see what happens next

  46. You were holding a girls hand ( i think) :$

    I am definitely not going to come up to you now or anytime soon.

    You can email me to keep the convo going, omguw is pretty creepy since everyone knows what we are talking about.

    Good luck studying btw.

  47. I don't quite know what you're talking about...
    but ok up to you

    I don't mean to sound rude but since exams are coming up I dont have time to keep going back and forth too much

    you know who I am if you want to meet up let me know

    good luck as well and this was fun :)

  48. you know this is sort of a fun break thing that i take on during the times i study :P Just something fun and what not.

    Perfectly alright with me during exams.

    Id appreciate a private conversation over email, and not over OMGUW.

    Sorry, balls in your court now.
    Have fun!
    See you if i do.

  49. Boy this escalated quickly!

    You two definitely need to email each other! This is too cute. What guy wouldn't want a girl who admires the little things

    -just a passerby