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Updated on Thursday, April 4, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the asian guy I passed by today in the plaza. You were with a friend who stopped to say hi to someone by sweet dreams. I walked past you and ducked my head ... I used to see you quite often at CIF, but lately I haven't seen you at all. I've always wanted to say hi, but I'm quite shy and never could muster up the courage to be the one to start conversation. Hope you see this and perhaps one day we'll run into each other again :)


  1. was he wearing a blue jacket, with the asian friend that was a girl?

  2. Nope, he had a goodlife gym bag and his friend was a dude and non-asian ..

  3. An asian guy with a goodlife bag with 1+ nonasian friends. That's like 90% of UW.. good luck hehe