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Updated on Wednesday, April 17, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the ginger guy with the scruff who works at FedExpress: I got to witness your random act of kindness when you paid for that kid's TicTacs. Thanks for putting a smile on my face during exam time!

Sincerely, indecisive shopper


  1. he is a cutie !

  2. Haha, ginger from the store here.. Anytime! I had a lot of fun at that job, its was wicked getting to know so many people and try and make people laugh all day! Good times UW, good times. Sadly my last shift there has already passed otherwise I'd buy you some TicTacs for your kind words!

  3. Op here: that wasn't your last shift. You're last shift is with me ;) Single?

  4. I hope you're not trolling me, but I'm for it. If you click my name on the comment it will take you to my fb. Missed connections in action.