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Updated on Monday, May 13, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the healthy and muscular lifestyle that has been eluding me for years:

I'm coming for you, you motherfucker.

I'm gonna hunt you down, throw away soda and fast food, and get myself up to speed for how I need to become fit.

I'm tired of this stupid, flabby and noodle-armed body you've left me with for years.

Exercises, proper dietary habits, self-motivation, whatever it takes I will do to get to a standard where I no longer regret pizza binges.

Forgive me CIF, for you have a newbie ready to walk through your front doors.


  1. Ahaha Amen to that

  2. chances are you'll probably quit because you announced this. you probably feel really satisfied with yourself already for "starting" with this post, don't you?

    prove me wrong.

  3. OP, shut the fuck up and get in the fucking gym. This post is fucking pointless. Keep your goals to yourself and you're more likely to achieve them.

  4. @3: That's interesting, since the assumed notion is that by announcing your goals publicly, you have more incentive to complete them.

  5. Go to the PAC, don't go to CIF, lift with the people who want to focus on training and not on asses on the elliptical. Ask the trainers for help and don't give up.

  6. get some test in you brah