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Updated on Monday, June 3, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: Although we were friends with benefits last term, I fell for you hard at the end. Now, you're working in Guelph and don't even make the effort to talk to me. You're probably hooking up with other girls now, and that makes me so scared. One person usually gets hurt in a FWB relationship, and this person was me. I just hope that you still think about me and we can rekindle in the fall. :( I hope you know this is about you.

—Brunette girl


  1. Oh human emotions, always making people feel~~ things...

    Well, I hope he returns those feelings and if not, I hope you'll find the strength to let him go and move on.

  2. So you were (likely) non-exclusive friends with benefits.

    Which means essentially that (speaking from experience) you were a fun girl who he could fuck.

    Now he's not around and it's easier to fuck other girls than to make a trip to waterloo (are you shocked?).

    You do realize that once he gets back to waterloo, he will probably be looking to you for sex again right?

    He doesn't think about you. There's a reason he doesn't even bother talking to you.

    You weren't FWB. You were just a benefit.

    If all you want to be to him is sex, then by all means rekindle things.

    But you're not friends. That's for damn sure.

  3. Wow, I'm in the exact same situation except he works even further away. It hurts.

    As much as you want to hate him for doing this to you and as much as you wish you could regret ever being with him, you can't because you care about him too much. There's hope for when you reunite in the fall - and you think you'll be so happy when things can start up again - but you have to try to forget about him. It's not worth it and you deserve a guy that wants a real relationship. It's really difficult to convince yourself to move on and its really hard to resist going back to how you were (especially if he initiates things in the fall again), but you have to forget about him.

  4. 2's got it right OP. There's no friends in that I think of it, there's no benefit either. You deserve better and I hope you find the love you deserve.

  5. I was in the same position as you...its sad how many girls are too :( My friends told me to stop seeing this guy so many times but I always believed that deep inside somewhere he did care for me. I was wrong though and I realized it too late when I genuinely cared about him. Looking back now, I feel so stupid for not taking my freinds' advice. Sometimes its hard to face reality when our emotions are involved but please trust me on this one. If he texts u back when hes back in waterloo, please ignore that text. If you text back, he benefits while you will only get hurt more in the end.. :(

  6. Damn well said #2! You can do better OP. There are so many better guys out there!

  7. Hijacking this thread to say that my MC wasn't posted!

    All I said was "Hee-ho: you're not as masculine as you think." And then I made a reference to getting busy with him, but apparently the mods are a bit homophobic and can deal with guys perving girls and girls perving guys, but not guys perving guys. :(

  8. ITT: girls get played at their own game

  9. The WORST thing someone can do to another human being is act like they just don't exist anymore, especially after and intimate relationship. This guy is a fucking tool, OP! You deserve WAY BETTER! Fuck people who treat other people like they mean nothing. Fucking heartless scum.