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Updated on Thursday, June 6, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Red haired girl that works out hard at CIF, you are the most attractive girl in that gym. We have spoken once in the gym randomly ("are you using this bench?") lol. I know this sounds creepy because its at the gym but I cant help but watch your pretty face :)

Keep working out, you look great.

- Athletic guy that is secretly crushing on you ;)


  1. Was this on Monday?

  2. Ive seen her ride her bycicle by university and westmount... She is so beautiful!
    -the chubby guy you have never noticed

  3. Is this the readhead that's been around for a few years now?
    Alternatively, there's a cute redhead at CIF every's just a universal constant.

  4. OP here.... It was on Tuesday, I played volleyball after my workout.

    Anonymous questioner are you the gorgeous red head? :)

  5. how is it a missed connection when you can just go to the gym and talk to her next time?


  6. I'm really glad the poster signed their name at then end of that post.

    They just solved 95% of all the MC posts on this website!

    Thanks Lame, you nailed it :)

  7. @6: Generally considered to be a bad idea.