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Updated on Thursday, June 13, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To that guy in engineering that always wears the craziest of things (mesh shirts, chains, etc) and has dreadlocks and often wears guy-liner...
PUBCRAWL This Friday?
- The Red-head that isn't in engineering but always shows up to cause a ruckuss


  1. HA, you bet your sweet red-headed ass I'll be there. Extra guy-liner. Hit me up with those collab shots.

  2. KS needs to drop that shit, good lord your like 26, I guess you can still go to raves and shit, but who the fuck wears that around normally.

  3. Oh, shit! Look out KS, it's the haters!

  4. Who the heck wakes up at 6am to write a negative comment on OMGUW anyways?

    PS. Thanks for the shot:)