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Updated on Tuesday, August 13, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girls sitting in the cubicle next to me at DC, dam girl you are really cute and you are making it extremely hard to study...
The girl is wearing a white tanktop, black pants, has black hair and is Asian. Oh and that tattoo on the right upper back, I'm in love.....

- Guy sitting next to you in green :)


  1. Spoken like a true horny virgin.

  2. black pants = yoga pants = creepshots = there's a picture of her online somewhere you can beat off to before you go back to playing with your math.

  3. Holy shit these things are lame. This guy is even lamer than most: "dam girl". That is soooo fucking stupid.

  4. Nothing is more pathetic than pretending to be talking to a girl you're sitting next to (right fucking next to!!!) by getting on an anonymous discussion board and having an imaginary conversation with her.

  5. well i'm asian. looks like i need to put all my green shirts away.