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Updated on Wednesday, October 16, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl in econ 221, the 4-520 class, you were wearing a purplish long-sleeved sweater kind of thing amd grey tights today. Just wanted you to know that you look amazing as always, the way your hair falls around your face, your eyes... (love those piercings too). Not looking for a hookup or anything, I just hope this put a small smile on your face.

From an admirer.

And if you do want to know who I am.....just ask ;)


  1. Dear admirer,
    It's sweet how you noticed all that and sure did put a smile on my face, but you should really pay attention in class haha...
    Who are you?

  2. Pay attention? Stats? I don't think those two go together :P
    Honestly, I don't know what i'm doing there half the time (when i'm even there that is). I'm pretty much always late too. Now if those aren't enough clues, how about we go grab some food or something after class on Tuesday? If you aren't doing anything of course (: Sooo just wait outside class and I'll come say hi!