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Updated on Friday, October 18, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: I met you during co-op earlier this year and was instantly attracted to you, but let you go as a missed connection for the sake of convenience. Little did I know you'd be back this co-op term again, so I promised myself you'd no longer be a missed connection. I took a chance on you this time, and told you how I always felt because I couldn't continue seeing you without you knowing how I felt. But to my surprise, your reaction to my courage was to say nothing about the matter and pretend it never happened. I'll take it as a rejection because I couldn't date someone who doesn't even have the decency to acknowledge honesty. This was difficult for me to accept since you left it so open-ended. However, at least now you're no longer a missed connection and my thoughts never need to wonder "what if" or "does he know?" I've also learned, as a woman, that I don't need to play stereotypical roles anymore because absolutely nothing changes when I just wait for a guy to ask me out. So, in the end I guess you missed out, but if another woman speaks her mind to you again at least acknowledge her nerve to take a chance on you. An MC rejected this time, but I'm sure another man will appreciate my courageous honesty one day.

- No longer a MC


  1. It doesn't even matter that you striked out because probably 99% of girls wouldn't have even taken the shot! You're my new official idol!

  2. Grow the Fuck up. Lifes unfair and you cant expect honesty from nobody, and if you didnt know that you clearly havent been outside enough. Plus, relationships are for losers

  3. LOL, the crazy fucking ways that girls react to rejection never cease to amaze me. First off, obviously he doesn't feel that he missed out since it wasn't even worth it for him to acknowledge it. But good job posting a wall of text to subtly paint him as a bad person like the weak fucking person you are.

    "I couldn't date someone who doesn't have the decency to acknowledge honestly"... I call bullshit, judging by this post you'd jump on the opportunity to date this guy, because there is a 99% chance you're that brand of crazy that calls themselves neurotic and takes anti-depression pills.

    It's really not your place to tell anybody how they should react, he doesn't owe you fuck all, and that's how the world works. If your average guy had this happen to him he would man the fuck up and move on with his life, not post some passive aggressive shit on the internet. Let me repeat this for you.. Grow The Fuck Up

    1. Well she could end up with a dipshit like yourself who will end up in nowhere in life. Her gain.

  4. I'm doing fine in life, but good job not addressing anything I said with an actual point...

    Projection maybe? You worried about your own future there? Quite fucking pathetic really.