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Updated on Tuesday, October 22, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the really REALLY attractive brown girl,

I saw you at ECH with a small black backpack and ripped jeans by your crotch. You were wearing a shirt that said "honey badger don't give a sh*t"

you're so damn attractive and I want to put a ring on it.

from a really REALLY attractive boy.


  1. creepy

    you haven't even met her and you want to marry her? wtf

  2. "Ripped jeans by your crotch"

    What the actual fuck.

  3. How come no one is getting on his ass for calling himself 'Really Really attractive' .. and if a girl mentions 'Cute' in her description, all of OMGUW goes ape shit.

    1. Because we just assume guys like this are douchey and move on, he's to type, nothing new here. Whereas girls are stereotypically supposed to have humility, it stands out way more.

      Nothing nefarious, but sure a double standard.

  4. sorry stud. i only date asians.