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Updated on Monday, October 28, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: First time visitor, here with an interesting MC (also a first)...

Davis Center library, Saturday afternoon — I am typically working in DP but today I was here because I had to check out some books on dust for a project, and apparently we keep all the good dust books in DC. No joke! top selections include: The Secret Life of Dust, and Dust: A History (the second one I found actually a compelling read).

Anyway, first thing I walk in, I catch a glimpse of an incredibly beautiful girl. First study carrel, cardinally I guess this would be northeast corner (yeah o.k. nobody brings a compass to the library but I'm trying to be specific here). We actually did look at each other briefly; I was looking over as though I knew her from somewhere and when I decided I didn't, I took a little more time. I ended up working at a computer nearby, actually the nearest one proximity-wise. So I was trying not to think about it but at intervals I was becoming distracted because of this gorgeous lady. I actually did casually check her out, discretely, not in a pervy way, more like for the purpose of greater detail. The two of us looked blankly at each other a few times, that being the full extent of this interaction.

So when I saw this knockout girl was leaving the library I kind of felt compelled to just walk up and say something, ask her name, or something — thinking, because suppose I mull it over and decide it would be a good idea for us to have a conversation, how would / could I possibly track this woman down again? Anyway, in spite of this what I did was absolutely nothing. Except for remove my headphones to more precisely hear her departing footsteps on the weathered Stainmaster® carpet.

I will give the best physical description I can: Shoulder length blond hair, wavy. Light skin (not like anemia-pale but fair complexion). Probably about 5'7" and she seemed fairly lean but not skinny. She was wearing... a school zip-hoody, grey, red top underneath, those black-elastic pants that you get at aritzia, black leather boots with conker-tan trim (these were a super swag number), and a leather jacket that was either maroon or carnelian-red.

People of OMGUW, help me find this lady. If she is your friend (your girlfriend?) tell her that I messed up and regret missing this opportunity. Mystery-girl, if you read this, you are a total babe, I want to know more about you.

one final note: people hate on science/engineering for not having very many girls, but shout-outs to DC for having some great scopes not to mention some of the sharpest minds on our campus!


  1. Guy here. Read it. How do you know so much about (women's) clothing dude...
    "Black-elastic pants that you get at aritzia"
    "Black leather boots with a conker tan trim"
    "Leather jacket that was either maroon or carnelian-red"

    Are you a girl? That'd be a neat plot twist.

    1. Any girl would know yoga pants, not "black-elastic pants that you get at aritzia".

    2. Maybe she was pretending not to be a girl? I've never heard guys talking about aritzia.

  2. This is the gayest thing I've read. You should have just grown a pair and talked to her. Would have been much less painful than being full of regret writing this. She either would have liked you or not.

  3. ....This sounds really creepy, tbh. I feel like I just read the diary of someone with a stalking problem. :/

  4. I am a girl and I still don't know what conker tan trim or carnelian red is. OP is definitely a girl, and probably a fashionable one.

  5. Sorry to crush your creepy dream but she has a boyfriend. Lovely essay though...

  6. you guys are so discouraging lol i think it's sweet you took all this time to write about her, you must really regret not doing anything about it
    maybe he just has a good memory and isnt creepy..

  7. plot twist: op is actually the girl being described and is looking for the guy

  8. this is deeply confusing