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Updated on Thursday, November 7, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the tall drink of water (as my room mate would say) at DC this morning (wed nov 6, 10 am ish) i was told i had caught your attention, but hadnt clued in since i was trying to make it to class

- Brown girl, black coat, tan boots, wishing you would have stopped me to say hello


  1. worst MC i ever read, kill yourself, I can't see how anyone would be interested in a socially awkward beta loser like you, he was probably looking at you because he had never seen an uglier person in his life

    1. jezzus don't you guys ever get tired of doing this? It's so sad...

  2. Does someone need a little more attention. You imply that you are beta yourself with this comment. Unfortunately this girl was absolutely stunning and I haven't had the luck to find her again, I regret not stopping her.