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Updated on Friday, November 15, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who I met 3 months ago and who I only get to see once a week, I am sad that you will be on a co-op term next semester and I'm pretty sure you'll forget who I am but I want to keep in touch and become actual friends or something :(


  1. More details, sir or madam! Could be anyone!

  2. OP: He's asian and second year. We only talk about school related things atm. I want to stay in touch with him but idk how to do it without asking "hey can we stay in touch/be friends?" and without being creepy

    1. congratulations, you narrowed it down to about 4000 students

      just like talk to him more...?

  3. Just ask him what he did over the weekend. Start conversations about him that are not school related. People like to talk about themselves.