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Updated on Monday, December 2, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the paleoecologist in my wetlands class who wants to waterlog my drainage patterns. I hope my kettle hole can raise your blanket bog. Your cunning linguistics make me want to erect your pneumatophore and make your hypertrophic stem swell. Please plant your Sagittaria rigida in my anaerobic zone and we can increase our hydrograph frequency all night long. But alas, I only have your words.

-The girl with the oxidized Fe hair


  1. Both of you, please get it on. This needs to happen. For Science.

    Seriously, you two sound like you could really hit it off. In the sack, that is.

  2. You've recharged my wetland, my large basins are flooding. My staff gauge awaits taking a reading from deep within your water well, and hopes to be regularly exposed to your kettle hole. Please let my adventitious roots secrete in your carnivory trap. I am not a heterophylly, dry conditions are strenuous, so let's make this more than just words.