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Updated on Thursday, December 5, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the Beautiful woman in my 9:30 W tut. who is currently on the SLC main floor (as I am upstairs on the third)

I think that you're absolutely gorgeous and I loved listening to you speak in class because you have such a soft spoken, yet confident voice which has infatuated me all semester. I saw such depth in your eyes every time I dared to make eye contact, and youre smile was so genuine that I couldnt help but hold back one of my own.
I really wanted to get to know you, or atleast share a few trivial words with you during tut, yet I found your beauty intimidating and never made that move (despite having a couple of chances).

Always remember that you truly are beautiful, and you have a smile which lights up the room (yea corny, but true nonetheless).

Maybe come up and say hi?

- The man who youve infatuated all semester.


  1. wow you are a creepy pussy fuck.

  2. Girl here. This is a little over the top. Please don't say that depth of her eyes stuff to her.

  3. "the man who you've etc etc"
    did you just refer to yourself as a man?


  5. op is a bundle of sticks