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Updated on Monday, December 16, 2013


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy that just handed out cookies on the 6th floor of DP:

Thanks! I was getting hungry while updating (and getting frustrated with the layout/ratings issue). I hope they weren't poisoned cause they tasted good.

-Science MOD.


  1. I thought the exact same thing about poisoning as I ate them. Thank you, kind sir!
    I asked him why he was doing this, and he said "Because exams are hard, and sugar is good".

  2. I think he came to SLC too! My sketch radar went off though, and I hesitated to take one. :( Hope you enjoyed it!

  3. 220-230 cal per cookie for a roughly subway sized cookie, which is roughly the calorie density of a 6 inch sbway ham sandwich with no cheese and no dressing (~280)

    It'd be better from a health prospective if people were handing out broccoli but kudoos to the guy for being nice :)

    1. fuck you and your broccoli!
      if im stressed because of exams id like a cookie NOT FUCKING BROCCOLI!

    2. @3 I bet you're no fun at parties.

    3. @3 you are going to be the parent every kid hates. actually you're just the person bursting everyone's bubble and ruining everyone's day
      did you seriously just suggest giving you broccoli instead of cookies? In what universe is that an equal trade?? you're insane.

    4. if someone handed me broccoli i'd give them my "WTF" face and walk away.

    5. Actually if you just add hummus to that broccoli, I would be GAME!

  4. @3b, baby I'm a blast at parties. Sipping on my tonic waters with a wedge of lime