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Updated on Wednesday, January 15, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the white guy who started telling a joke/story about a capitalist in a factory at the bus stop outside DC around 5pm on monday the 13th. I had to get on my bus before hearing the end, but I would like to know how it ends!!!


  1. Could this be the joke?

    A capitalist is walking through his factory with a friend.

    Friend asks, "What did you tell that man just now?"

    "I told him to work faster", answers the capitalist.

    "How much do you pay him?" asks the friend.

    "Fifteen dollars a day" answers the capitalist.

    "Where do you get the money to pay him?" asks the friend.

    "I sell products", answers the capitalist.

    "Who makes the products?" asks the friend.

    "He does", answers the capitalist.

    "How many products does he make in a day?" asks the friend.

    "Fifty dollars worth", answers the capitalist.

    "Then", concludes the friend, "Instead of you paying him, he pays you thirty-five dollars a day to tell him to work faster".

    "Huh", and the capitalist quickly adds, "Well, I own the machines".

    "How did you get the machines?" asks the friend.

    "I sold products and bought them", answers the capitalist.

    "And who made those products?" asks friend.

    To which the capitalist can only respond—to his friend, but also to the media and to the schools—"Shut up! He might hear you".

  2. I was there for that too. Saw him doing the same thing in AL on Thurs. He may circulate campus doing this. Good luck tracking him down!

  3. Turns out it's the Red Path guy, Cory Pope