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Updated on Sunday, March 2, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: I've known you for some time now. When we first started hanging out, you had just broken up with your girlfriend and I didn't want to be a rebound, so although I liked you, I didn't really try. This has been the second consecutive term that we are not in the same city. Being further apart this term I realized that I miss you a lot more than I'd like to admit. If only I had the courage to tell you this in person...


  1. You know what they say, separation makes the heart grow fonder. Tell him how you feel. It doesn't have to be serious, just let him know you miss him. It'll mean a lot to him, and if you mean a lot to him he'll let you know. You have nothing to loose from being open and honest, and if you do then you can clearly do better. Best of luck to you, friend!

    1. Wow this is terrible advice.

      Tell him how you feel, in person, be honest, and don't play games. This would be best preceded by trying to kiss him.

    2. By tell him how you feel I mean don't tell him you miss him. That's gonna confuse the shit out of him

  2. Why set up your heart for heartbreak when the other person might not even care. If a guy genuinely likes you he'll do something. If he doesn't, then he's probably just not that interested.