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Updated on Sunday, March 2, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: I used to sit behind a cute little Asian girl in calculus. At times, our eyes would meet and we would both shyly dart out heads in opposite directions. I really wanted to talk to her... but never did. Since then, when walking through campus, I feel the wind blow in my face and I smell a faint lilac scent. She used a lilac perfume, so I look all around me to see her pale skin and large eyes staring at me from a distance, longing for me as I long for her. She's never there, but I always look anyways. I know deep inside my lonely, aching heart that she'll forever stay, 'the one that got away.'


  1. if she longed for you as you longed for her... then talk to her lol, clearly you're both into each other

  2. This is fuckin creepy man

  3. So hot, I'm jerking off right now

  4. This is what happens when the average undergrad thinks they can speak poetically

    1. This is what happens when the average undergrad poetry judger judges undergrad poetry

  5. Mmmm, fetishized.