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Updated on Tuesday, April 1, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl who gave me a quizzical look as I passed you on the path near the greenhouse: you're really cute! If I wasn't in a hurry to get to class, I would have asked you why you looked at me like that... but maybe you just have Quizzical Resting Face.


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    1. OP here. I don't really have many details, it all happened so fast.

      Date and Time: About 11:23am on Friday, March 28.


      Her: White, brown hair, about 5' 5", with a quizzical look.

      Me: White, brown hair, 6' 2", with an "I'm in a hurry" look.

    2. "I don't have many details"

      "Here is the exact description"

  2. I think this may have been me! I apologize for the quizzical look! I was deep in thought when we crossed paths (trying to work out an essay thesis in my head). I thought you were really cute too! I would have smiled at you, but we passed so quickly that I didn't even have a the time to change my expression!