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Updated on Saturday, April 5, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the chubby, but cute Korean guy in AFM with the really nice white sports car. I see you on campus from time to time, but I never have the confidence to speak to you since you always look so angry. I even posted a Missed Connection about you a while ago. I hope I'm able to get to know you before I graduate and maybe you can take me for an exciting ride sometime <3 .="" p="">


  1. Now realizing that this is me :P I'm probably bitter from counting the dollars wasted being in AFM but definitely feel free to stop me!

    1. Looks like you're a p'ree cool guy

  2. "really nice white sports car", and "maybe you can take me for an exciting ride" in the same MC? You gonna get him to drive you to them there hills to hunt for gold?

  3. If this is the asian dude who got his car tuned by some guy that flew out for a bunch of you,

    You still owe me $10 man, can we meet up some time?