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Updated on Tuesday, April 8, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To my best friend who rejected me, I'll always be here for you. But then it does not mean I am giving up us. You'll probably not see this and we'll meet tomorrow the same way.

From you-know-who, your best friend.


  1. I didn't think it was possible to be more lame than,

    but you somehow managed to succeed. Congrats.

  2. Get over them. You're not doing yourself any favours. I've been there and it sucks, but you're wasting your time.

  3. just next them

    people come and go

  4. Just get over him/her, you're wasting your time especially if you've already gotten rejected.

  5. I never thought of Voldemort having a best friend

  6. This is creepy and weird. You should let go and move on. Being friends is fine, but if you can't do that leave your poor friend alone.

    Been in this situation, it's hella uncomfortable when someone who you care about won't take no for an answer. No consent = end of story. Fuck.

  7. pics of you. pics of your oneitis.

  8. my two cents: I don't give a fuck about what the rest of them have to say, but if that's what you think you have to do, do that. Don't live a life with regrets -- you'll figure out means the most to you and whether living a life for someone else is a good idea on your own.

    (fyi, from experience I'm inclined to believe the thread is right. But if you won't take our word for it, it's better you learn from experience, too.)

    1. No it's not. Don't be a putz OP. You got rejected, nothing you do is gonna change that and even if you did end up dating them it's a bad sign that they rejected you then agreed to date you.

      Read up on what a "nice-guy" is and don't be that.