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Updated on Tuesday, April 15, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who lives at the old Lester building, top floor. I think you should know that your room can be seen through at night. Yes, we've seen you walk around naked (not that we're complaining). Yes, we've seen you and your friend kiss (?) the window. And yes we've seen you fix your hair/check yourself out/whatever you were doing using the window yesterday. ALL SEMESTER LONG. It's been getting a little too much recently but you're our favorite night time show now. No it's not creepy at all. Keep doing it, we like it.

- The girls who live in the house right across you

P.S. we were just kidding, come say hi


  1. what's the building number?

  2. Come over the next time I'm naked. All of you.

    - The Naked Guy

  3. OP here... it's no fun if we give that away. It's in the 200's ;)

  4. Oh my days xD Lmao
    This made up my day. Way to go girls! :D