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Updated on Tuesday, April 22, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who I met in the beginning of this winter term and had a huge crush on from the beginning, but the crush started to develop into something more, and I like you now. The feelings started a few weeks ago, but I was so confused. I was confused and frustrated as our interactions increased because I thought you were still dating. But then I found out you broke up with your gf, and I was like 'oh'. Then I didn't know what to do.
Someone else I knew happened to be going through the same thing I was. After a few days, I've figured out who was making that someone else feel that way. And it was you, too. I felt even worse when I found this out. But on the same day, I also admitted to myself that I liked you, after going through much thinking.

But then, you f*cked up. And I never thought you would be like that. So, f u. Cause I'm moving on.

The happiness was great while it lasted.


  1. It was so good, and then it got even better.

  2. This was alarmingly incomprehensible. What are you even trying to say? Were you drunk when you typed this?

  3. Not sure exactly what he did to you... but maybe you should have given him more time to get over his ex. Sounds like that all happened really quickly...

  4. Fuck. Please don't let this be me.

  5. OP, you sound like an idiot.

  6. Maybe he left you due to the communication barrier.