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Updated on Tuesday, April 22, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the PMATH 365 final: You were a beauty at first. All the right curves, all your smooth contours, I was in love! I envisioned you sprawled, unbounded on a field, looking like an angle with the way the light hit you tangent to each point. But then your discontinuities started showing. I realized you weren't the locally Euclidean amazement I first though you to be.

Well, thanks to you, I feel a critical point where my heart used to be, ripping it straight from my body so I was naught but homeomorphic to a standard torus! O travesty!


  1. Despite your more than liberal use of bad analogies, I have to agree with this MC in that that final was absolutely brutal. Hoping this missed connection stays missed.

  2. What the fuck do you have against tori?

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