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Updated on Wednesday, May 7, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy that was on the 29 and walked with me to Williams around 9 pm: I wished I would have asked for your number. You have the sexiest smile, are super cute and seem really interesting! Hope to see you around and good luck with your research project. :)

- the girl that loves the Yeti cafe


  1. imagine the response if the guy was ugly


  2. I always think of that Wongfu video...

    MC: To the guy that was on the 29 and followed me, trying to get my personal information, on my way to Williams: glad I was ready and gave you a fake number. Better not try that kinda thing again with me or else I'll call the cops. You were creepy and way too nerdy for me. Stay away from me and rot in the lab you somehow got into. 0.0

    - The girl that told you she likes the Yeti cafe to keep you away from the Starbucks she actually prefers

    1. Sorry, that was meant to be in reply to 1.

    2. hahaha yea i saw the vid linked from reddit, hence my comment in 1

    3. Why does everyone always assume that someone would get vicious and violent if they were unattractive? Not all girls are like that.. and believe it or not, people can't really control who they are and are not attracted to. It can be frustrating, yes but what are they supposed to do about it? I'm sure it would be the same deal if it was a guy writing a message to a hot girl. Attraction matters, it sticks out in people's minds more because they take notice.

      If he'd been unattractive who says she would be bitch, she probably just wouldn't have written a missed connection.

      Not everyone is awful to people just because they're not attracted to them. I'm tired of seeing those posts.

  3. OP, why didn't you ask for his number? It's really not that hard...