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Updated on Saturday, May 31, 2014


To the cute Asian girl at Bomber who said she was going into her 4th year of Biology,

I don't know if you're single but I really regret not getting your number

- the guy who was dancin' it up with you and your friends


  1. Wtf... can you describe this girl?

    My gf was at bomber, and she's entering 4th year bio.

    Fuck this gay earth

  2. Heh, if this was around midnight, I know who this is about. She's single.

  3. If it's who I'm thinking of, she has a boyfriend.

  4. if it's by the description of your MC, i don't know anything about her so she may or may not have a boyfriend

  5. OP here!

    @1 Don't worry man, there were lots of people there so it might not have been her, but even if it was all of the dancing was PG haha

    @4 Lmao that actually made me laugh out loud xD

    @5 She might be! I'm pretty bad at telling what people's backgrounds are though.. :P