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Updated on Monday, June 9, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy with his shirt off that day playing ball with his buddies: You are so attractive and damn I really wanted to feel those abs... From the girl who passed by.


  1. As a girl this makes me so mad. We can't get mad at guys for the equslly objectifying MC posts if girls continuously post stuff like this...

    1. exactly, so don't get mad at all :). Be happy, everyone likes sex and looking at sexy people

    2. I'm wondering if this was my boyfriend you were looking at lol

      Was he Asian? Tall? With a body sculpted to perfection by the hand of God that makes you want to fall to your knees and offer him a blow job that will make his eyes roll back in the sweet joy of ecstasy?

    3. No, definitely not

    4. 1C relax sugar tits