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Updated on Monday, June 9, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To white guy wearing the baja hoodie and the brown brown guy wearing the tie dye wolf shirt skateboarding in uptown Saturday night. My friends and I left beer town specifically to talk to you guys when we laid eyes on you because we thought you guys were hot. We tried flirting with you guys but you seemed to busy to be interested. Hopefully you call us soon or at least go to UW so we can bump into you guys..


  1. Doesn't sound like that "brown brown guy" and his white friend were really into you if they were too busy to talk to girls. Just saying.

    Also how brown is this guy that he needs TWO browns to define his race?

    1. Super brown. Next level brown town

    2. OP here. Definitely meant to use one brown haha and yeah I guess maybe they were

  2. Lol the skaters were obviously not into you and your gf

  3. I definitely know these two. They're friends of one of my roommates. The white guy is at UW for geophysics and the brown guy is at Laurier for bba. Chill as fuck