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Updated on Friday, July 11, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the chubby guy in a hoodie with green backpack, you may not have seen me at Mudie's this evening, but you sat right in front of me (I was at the counter). I must say, you look cute and very friendly with your pals.

If you would accept this from another man, I'd love to know you better and see if something comes out of it, at least a good friendship. I'm a research scholar, bearded with a ponytail, who'll only be here for summer.


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    1. Why? Did you genuinely see someone like that wearing a fedora? Or is this referencing that "misogynist fedora-wearing dudebro" meme?
      I got legit curious because I don't think I've seen an actual dude in a fedora on campus, but there was one at the music festival in Town Square last weekend.