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Updated on Friday, July 18, 2014


To the white girl who I used to have class with in nano engineering. I think you're gorgeous and have beautiful eyes. Sorry I keep staring at you on the bus. Maybe I'll work up the courage to compliment you in person one day.

From an asian guy who is a bit hesitant about talking to you.


  1. There are about 10 white girls on term for Nano right now. As far as I know none of them are single.

    Maybe one of the ones in 2B is not seeing anyone, but I would doubt that.

    1. 1.a: When you have basically all your classes with the same people over the whole program you quickly find out what is going on with everyone.

  2. As a white girl in nano (who doesn't take the bus) you should really say hi! But if it's 3A unfortunately for you 4/6 are taken