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Updated on Saturday, July 26, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Why are all the male lifeguards at PAC so attractive? I am so scared to talk to you. Are any of you gay?


  1. You mean are any of them straight?

  2. I've been told that a lot of them are in fact gay. Go get 'em tiger.

  3. i guess OP is gay

  4. I feel like your first question is redundant.. Becoming a lifeguard requires the ability to swim proficiently, thus you must practice swimming frequently, thus lots of physical activity, thus resulting good body.

    1. Hahahahahahahahahaha you would think that I am a lifeguard (I dont work at PAC) I work at a pool in my hometown and none of the male lifeguards are attractive and then only some of the female lifeguards are. There is physical requirements for lifeguards but there are not as bad as you would think.

  5. I lifeguard for about 5 years. The physical requirements are pretty low - most lifeguards struggle with anyone over 180 pounds. Out of the 40 lifeguards at my pool, maybe 8 could save you.