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Updated on Wednesday, August 13, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the girl at Williams sitting at the booth closest to the counter yesterday around 12:30. I was the guy sitting at the hightop facing you. I think we caught each others eye a couple times and when we both got up to leave at the same time I was going to introduce myself but got nervous last second. Just wanted to say you're really gorgeous and if I see you again i'll make sure to say hi this time.

tall curly hair guy in salmon v neck


  1. Just say it dude, you were wearing a pink v-neck.

  2. *friends reference*

  3. Describe yourself OP.

  4. Wow you sound like a real catch. Salmon v-neck and afraid to talk to girls? SIGN ME UP

    1. Damn, you got him. Now if only he could be brave enough to spend all his time anonymously attacking people online like you he'd be a champ.