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Updated on Friday, August 15, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To the brown girl with the light brown woolen sweater that walked past me with her friend to the DC bus stop Thursday night around 12:30. That guy that was doing pushups in front of you is such an idiot for trying to impress you like that. Then again, if I didn't have a brain, I would probably be doing the same thing. All I can tell you is that I wish I had had the courage to approach you and say hi. All I thought when I saw you was:

"Dayum girl, you so fine. You so fine, I wanna make you mine."

So much for brain power huh?

- brown guy with the black and red jacket


  1. He was the one who was confident enough to approach the girl and embarass himself in front of her. You, on the other hand, just dumbly watched and did nothing.

    Tell me who doesn't have the brain again?

  2. this has got to be the most pathetic post i've read on omguw all my years here

  3. *tips fedora* m'lady

  4. stop being such a beta fuck

  5. "trust me im smart" he says to himself