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Updated on Friday, September 19, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: Hi, to the bleach, blonde with brown eyes in the plaid skirt studying econ at Laurier. Holy shit do you and your friends have a superiority complex. A little tip for you...if you are hot and an asshole the only guys you get are assholes because they'll put up with your assholishness so they can sleep with you. However, anyone who is not an asshole is going to be sick to death of you in no time....that's even if they bother trying to get to know you. You look like you spend a lot of time making yourself look good; instead take some time to read 'How to be a tolerable human being' by Dr. Suram Notafukhayed.


  1. Preach. Then they whine about how there are no good guys around and play the victim.

  2. Why don't you just pay attention to the less hot "nice girls" then.

  3. Agreed, but don't worry, they usually spend all of first year trying to look hot, don't study enough and then aren't around for second year and so on, so that's a bonus...

  4. Am I the only one who thinks OP is just some douche who got turned down by this girl?

    1. That's pretty condescending actually. No, in fact, it's a case of approaching someone who never seems to be in the company of anyone other than a few female friends and being greeted with rudeness of the magnitude most people wouldn't show a perfect stranger under any circumstances.

  5. 1 - "hey wha-"
    2 - "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND *stares with a ew look*"
    1 - "um? okay..?"
    (died lmfao)

  6. Maybe if he had actually talked to her he would have found out if she was wearing the waterloo collegiate uniform and so he could have avoided possibly sexualizing/insulting a child. woops.