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Updated on Tuesday, November 25, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: SJ (tall 4th year engineer)
We have been friends for a little while and I have recently started liking you. You are adorably clumsy but somehow carry yourself with elegance and grace, especially when dancing. You are sweet and humble but are fiery and sassy too. I know you're not available but I cant seem to get you or your laugh out of my head (you have the cutest laugh I have ever heard by the way).


  1. Best way to get over someone is to get on/under them!

  2. Brown, black and red hair, on coop right now, friends with two white girls (BZ and SB)? If so, i agree. Holy hell, her body is MADE for it!

  3. OP here. You guys are what's wrong with the world.
    @1: Did you miss the part where she's not available?
    @2: This is my friend and i'm talking about her personality and quirks. There is no need to objectify her or reduce her down to her body!

    1. literally chill nothing about either of those things is what's "wrong with the world" dang

  4. The amount of MCs about this specific person (and using initials of her and her friends in this context) is bordering on a privacy issue. The only good thing that can come from writing MCs about this person is that the OP(s?) are able to respect this person and move on by writing out his thoughts.

  5. sigh. fine fine shes my sister