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Updated on Wednesday, December 3, 2014


MISSED CONNECTION: To all the girls that I get matched with on Tinder, why do you never talk?


  1. Ikr. Shoot them a message. If they don't bother to reply eventually, unmatch.

  2. I just send the lyrics to "Never Gonna Give You Up" to all my matches, not going to actually meet up with a girl from Tinder.

    I don't have a problem with people meeting on Tinder, I just need something more than 6 photos and some texts to make me want to go on a date.

  3. Same goes for guys. A lot of you don't respond to us, too.

    1. Most guys just right swipe everyone since girls are the pickier ones. Then they ignore their unattractive matches. Source: when I had tinder, that's what I did. Most attractive girls just use it for an ego boost and swipe you just for the validation of matching. Then they ignore you and fuck the hot douchebag with the shirtless gym selfies. Karma is a beautiful thing ;)