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Updated on Saturday, January 17, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy in the red cardigan in the tunnels between AL and ML (at about 10:30 January 15) you were really cute and you complimented my jacket, I wish we could have talked more but you had reading to do and I was late for a class in Hagey, maybe next time we could talk longer, maybe over coffee? - The girl with the comfy jacket and the space pants


  1. I'd love to get some coffee :)
    text me sometime! 519-949-8883

  2. CATFISHED BITCH!!! That dude who posted his number is a 300 lb dude with poor hygiene lol

    1. lmao i reverse searched the number on facebook and i know the guy. stop trying so hard to be an ass

  3. Must figure out if this was me....