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Updated on Thursday, February 5, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: The only missed connections I had were the ones when I was stuck with you. I didn't love you, I feared you and that is a terrible terrible difference. I was too damn afraid to speak up for myself for too long but I'm free now, fuck you


  1. Sorry for what you've gone through. However, sometimes I wonder if having talked about what you were feeling with the other person might have changed any thing. As in the other person had no idea how you were feeling. Of course, I don't know your situation.

  2. Hey! Op here, it was a shitty relationship that I tried to get out of. I tried talking about it but I was consistently told my feelings didn't matter and that I was hormonal and overreacting. He refused to let me leave and wouldn't let me speak to my friends because he was jealous and thought that I was looking for sex from everyone I met. He was manipulative and violent. But yes, I tried to speak to him.