OMG UPDATE: Hey I just met you and this is crazy, but write a missed connection and submit it maybe?

Updated on Thursday, April 9, 2015


To the tall boy on the 7F at 8am Thursday, with the yellow rims on your glasses; holy shit, you are absolutely gorgeous!! I'm really sorry I was too shy to talk to you... I was working up my courage before the three Laurier people got on... I hope to see you around though! You have excellent style and a picturesque profile.. Keep dropping jaws! - the girl in the green jacket who got on at the same stop


  1. Hello :)

    The guy's name is Radu Sepetan. He is really friendly so you should add him on facebook!

  2. He's super approachable!

  3. Aha I'm just super shy and it was early in the morning.. And I couldn't possibly! I wouldn't know what to say, ice breakers aren't my strong suit :$

  4. He saw this post so just say hey! That's all it takes :)