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Updated on Monday, July 6, 2015


-->Once upon a time the was averagish guy. He did average things like go to class late. Sometimes went to the gym. You know. Then through some interactions through friends he met this girl. To be honest he thought she was just cute and that's it. Fast forward to the present and this guy started talking to her for a few weeks. Then he talks to her all night one night and can't fall asleep because he's thinking about her. Y u do dis. Now the guys thinking about asking the girl out.


  1. Then ask the girl out. If you don't want to because your're not sure how she feels, you can try and hang out with her/talk to her more to get a sense of how she feels about you. Look for the little things. Does she smile at you a lot? Does she try to hold eye contact, but sometimes glances away? (She might be nervous around you, in a good way.) When you say goodbye, does she linger a bit because she doesn't want to go yet?

  2. Ask her out you cunt