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Updated on Tuesday, August 4, 2015


MISSED CONNECTION: To the guy who I ran into last night (Wednesday) in between campus buildings (You were walking around with your friend at around 10-11PM?):

I've seen you around multiple times this term, and I've gotta say you're pretty cute! I don't think we've actually ever introduced ourselves to each other since we only really see each other in passing (so there's a chance you've never noticed me lolol). Just wanted to say you're pretty cute!

-Girl who's had at least one interview in common with you this JobMine term


  1. That's so open, describe the damn person.

  2. cute? with his CUTE little puppy eyes? his CUTE wagging of tail? his CUTE coming up to you excited and jumping up and down?

    bark bark

    1. hahah thought I was the only one who hate it when people use that word to speak about human beings.